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 Antony Cariño

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PostSubject: Antony Cariño   Antony Cariño Icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 4:19 pm

Name: Antony Cariño 
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Symbol: A heart with a missing center.
Occupation: 2nd year student

Antony is 6’2” ,not including his hair, with a lean and muscular build weighing in at 175 lbs. His appearance is lean, devoid of nearly all fat with a slightly pointed nose.  His build is more suited for long term combat as opposed to incredible strength. The muscles on his body are incredibly defined but lack the mass for for large power giving a very chiseled look. He is fairly light skinned with green eyes and long blond hair which reaches to the middle of his back if it were let down.  Antony however only wears his hair up and styled in a kind of hair drill.

Regarding his clothing, Antony wears a red, black, and white leather jacket which ends at his elbows. 
Though the jacket reaches his elbows it is only visible from the inner arm as the outside of the jacket is covered by his rerebraces. Underneath his jacket he wears a kevlar like shirt held together by straps on the front of the that run down along the middle. For his lower body he wears simple red slacks and black boots. His weapon, which is yellow, covers his arms reaching from the shoulders to the hands, with slight openings at elbows pointing away from his hands and near the wrists pointing in the direction of his fingers. The second part of the weapon is leg armour that covers the shins with slight openings at the knees pointing upwards in the direction of his body and bottom of his feet running along the back of the leg. Part of the arm portion that protects the sides of forearm along the thumb line have a slight appearance of an enclosed tube. The bottom of the armour protecting underside of the arms is lined with a series of X’s that seem to be able to open. Around the hands are gauntlets which seem to have faint circuits running along the palm. At the tips of his fingers and thumbs, Antony’s circuit have a different look than his palms looking closer to a series of circles inside each other.


Antony is a happy and upbeat person who does not let things keep him down. After losing his opportunity to be with Willow, Antony decided to never let an opportunity slip out of his fingers, this attitude highly influenced his views on his goals, his battles, and his love life. Antony puts all that he can into the things he does rarely taking the easy way out of a fight even if it is running away during an winnable battle. His desire to adhere to these rules he set for himself has made Antony stubborn once he has decided on something. In respect to his love life Antony would be called a hopeless romantic and a serial monogamist. Whenever he sees a person who he has the slightest bit of interest in Antony will not hesitate to approach this person and court them regardless of gender. Should the person reciprocate his feeling Antony will go to great lengths in order to see to it that his partner is as happy as can be. Though his feelings would never waver during a relationship, once it is over Antony will immediately begin looking for the next in order to not waste time or opportunities at love. For a person who is always on the offensive in battle and in life, Antony is a very dense person and slow to react. When Antony is on the receiving end of an action he has a hard time regaining his composure and creating a plan of action. This leaves Antony unable to notice more subtle cues in life and miss opportunities he never realized he even had. 

Having been taught from an incredibly early age to be a Hunter and living in a Hunter oriented society, Antony is no stranger to combat. Year of experience has taught him the methods of surviving against an enemy such as Grimm or even other people.  Antony is in peak physical condition with a nearly all offensive fighting style that pressures enemies and does not allow them to counter. His training has taught him a wide variety of skill to fight enemies with a specialization in close quarter combat including Muay Thai, swordplay, and grappling. Due to the nature of Antony’s semblance he has focused away from training for power but instead for endurance. If he did not use his semblance Antony would be able to fight for periods much longer than most would without feeling fatigue. 

Due to the design of his weapon Antony’s weight is awkwardly positioned around his hands and his feet. On occasion it could change the trajectory of his attacks if he is not being careful and will tire him out more quickly due to his emphasis on punches and kicks. Though he is bisexual, Antony has a particular weakness for women. If he is fighting and a beautiful woman passes by she is guaranteed to draw his attention causing him to look away from his current fight. This is not limited to women who are simply passing by, if he is fighting a woman, who he has an interest in, his first instinct would not be to fight her but instead to court her. After enough time or influence by an outside force he could be convinced to fight but the amount of strength he would use would be diminished and his thoughts would be cloudy. As a person with a large number of goals he wants to accomplish, Antony has a hard time focussing on one thing. He puts too much on his plate and has a hard time focusing and leaves him vulnerable to be overwhelmed by numbers such as a group of enemies attacking. 
Antony can store his kinetic energy during movement. Similar to how the strength of flicking one’s finger can be increased by holding it back with the thumb. Antony’s semblance stops his movement and allows the force to build up which he can then release as in increase in power for his attack. While his motion is stopped there is strain throughout his body. Any body part in not in the middle of large motion feels strain equivalent to tensing that muscle, body parts that are in motion such as an arm in the middle of the punch will experience the fatigue of doing that action but multiplied by 3. (Every second a punch is held feels like punching 3 times at the strength which he is punching.) Once released the power is proportional to the amount of time his motion was stopped, but the change in power decreases at longer times. 
Antony can only hold his movement for 3 seconds while still leaving it practical for use in combat  though at 3 seconds it would require a more stationary target due Antony’s inability to change the attacks direction once the semblance has been activated. (A straight well only go straight, it cannot curve into a hook after the semblance activates. Passed 5 seconds the amount of built up power begins to damage Antony’s bones and muscles. If Antony tries to hold his semblance for 10 seconds it will automatically cancel and greatly damage his limb causing the bones in the body part he stopped to break. With prolonged use of this semblance Antony’s body feels as if it has been in battle far longer than he actually has, some battles feeling almost 3 times longer than it really was due to the fatigue caused by his semblance which is then increased by his heavy weapons.

Primary Weapon Name: Malice
Close Range Combat: 

Using a small mechanism (similar to Assassin’s Creed hidden blade) a blade from the openings of the gauntlets. The mechanism is activated by the circuitry in Antony’s fingertips, when the four tips touch his palm like when making a fist the blade shoots out and remains fixed until the palm is opened which will cause the blade to move back in after 2 seconds. In the case of the arms the blades are released moving above the fist during an attack. The legs also contain blades which release from behind the leg pointing toward the ground but cannot be fixed in place. The leg blade mechanism releases the blade after taping the heel quickly. The blade is released 2 seconds later and retract after 2 seconds. The circuitry in the gauntlets can also be used as a tazer by using electric dust. This tazer like effect would be used during grapples to stop enemy movement/resistance making the the target easier to hit. Length of the arm blade 1 ½ feet, length of leg blade 1 foot.

Mid Range Combat:

If Mid Range combat is preferred, Antony can snap the fingers on his left  land and cause the tubes on the side of the forearm to open. Once these are open chains extend from the tube and can be grasped for use. The length of the chains have a maximum distance of 3 feet and wrap around the gauntlet on the inside to help properly distribute the weight when not in use. Along with the danger of having 2 sets of chains attacking them, Antony can also activate the tazer like effect of his gauntlets while holding the chains causing them to be electrified.  

Long Range Combat:

Upon snapping the finger on his right hand the “X” marks on the bottom of his forearm open and reveal a different kind of barrel, one that is much smaller than the one used for the chain. Antony then mimics a gun using his hands to activate his gun barrel. This long range weapon makes up the bare necessities of a weapon and is fired when Antony moves his thumb up and down while mimicking a gun with his hand. Due to bare design this “gun” is not as capable of an actual firearm lacking a portion of its power and distance but is still enough to be considered lethal at the proper distances. Once fired the maximum effective range of this weapon to still be considered lethal would be 25 meters. (Maximum effective range of Colt M1911 is 50 meters.)

Weapon History:

Antony always knew he was best suited for close quarter combat, his original idea for a weapon was a pair of gloves with spikes on them. After he did create them Willow felt that they were too specific and would greatly hold Antony back. Antony was adamant about his idea and would not budge until Willow and he went on a training trip. During this trip Willow showed Antony that he had no effect on flying and ranged opponents. When Antony could do nothing against these opponents he had agreed he needed to get back to work. Despite feeling defeated Antony made plans for his next weapon immediately. He decided to keep the emphasis on close quarter combat while adding in capability for more long ranged attacks. The name Malice was decided by Willow who said, “If you can’t find it in yourself to give someone your kindness, all you can really give them is Malice.”

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PostSubject: Re: Antony Cariño   Antony Cariño Icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 3:17 pm

Everything checks out fine to me. The semblance should be fine if all the weaknesses are properly used. 
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PostSubject: Re: Antony Cariño   Antony Cariño Icon_minitimeSun Apr 27, 2014 3:45 pm

To reiterate what Sky said, use the weaknesses you have and you should be fine. 2/2 and moved.


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PostSubject: Re: Antony Cariño   Antony Cariño Icon_minitime

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Antony Cariño
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