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 Jacob Dax

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PostSubject: Jacob Dax   Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:20 pm


Name: Jacob Dax

Age: 17

Gender: M

Species: Faunus (Monkey Variety)

Symbol: none

Occupation: 1st year Beacon Student

Appearance: 5 foot 8 inches tall. Dark Black hair, almost never brushed in any way. Has a scar across his face from his encounter with an Ursa when he was six (see History). He has a tattoo of a severed Usra head on his arm to remind him of his goal. He has light skin, and does not tan easily. Jacob is strong, but does not appear to be muscular.

History: Jacob lived with his father and his younger brother, Kyle in the apartment above his father's bakery. In the summers, Jacob's father would close down the shop and went to the cabin they had built in the emerald forest. When he was six, his father sent him and his brother to get firewood for the cabin. After about an hour of collecting, Jacob heard a rustling in the bushes. An Ursa came out from the bushes and chased them back to the cabin. While Jacob narrowly escaped, Kyle was not so lucky. Since that day Jacob has vowed to become a huntsman and slay the creatures of grimm.

Personality: Jacob mostly keeps to himself when at school. He has a few friends and doesn't socialize much. He hasn't yet accepted what happened to his brother, so he is still very angry inside. He has a tendency
to snap at people over the littlest things, and has a hard time keeping friends because of it.

Strengths: Jacob has studied the Creatures of Grimm extensively during his years at Signal. Because of this, he has an extensive knowledge of monsters and how to defeat them easily.

Weaknesses: Due to his inner anger at the death of his brother, Kyle, Jacob can be rash in his decisions during battle. He may rush at an enemy before thinking about what might happen as a result.

Semblance: When Jacob activates his semblance he gains incredible speed and agility, useful for confusing and disorienting enemies.


Name: Ursa's Bane

Primary Form: Simple looking bow and arrow. Bow has the ability to change the kind of arrows fired from it. It can fire classic arrows, fire arrows, ice arrows, and grapple arrows. The grapple arrows sprout hooks on the end when fired, (like you would expect to see on an actual grappling hook) and a rope on the end for climbing.

Secondary Form: Arrows can be removed from quiver and extended to form a spear (roughly 2x the size of the arrows). Mainly for use in melee combat.

History: Jacob created it during his second year at signal academy. Up until that point he had been using a simple bow and arrow that his father had given him for his twelfth birthday.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Dax   Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:50 pm

Alright, first off let's start with the appearance. I would like to see more added in that. For example, eye color, facial features, casual clothes or armor. Anything that comes to mind when you think, "Appearance".

As for the history, I would like to see more added as well. You stated that the event with the Ursa happened when he was 6 years of age. More can be added, such as: What happened to him after? Did any important events happen between then and his time attending Beacon? If so, tell about it.

For the strengths and weaknesses section I need to see more there. I only noticed one or two stated in each section. I usually recommend 3 of each that show up in combat situations.

For the semblance I recommend adding some details to this. Does his aura do anything special when this occurs? Such as becoming steam like, or causing his eyes to glow? Is this an activated semblance? If so, how is it activated.

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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Dax   Thu May 01, 2014 3:46 pm

Moved to MIA.
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PostSubject: Re: Jacob Dax   

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Jacob Dax
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