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 The Humble Home (Closed)

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PostSubject: The Humble Home (Closed)   Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:05 pm

A fewmonths ago…

After Genesis received a letter showing coordinates leading to a certain area in vale he immediately made haste and came towards the destination. Before him is a humble home with two floors, the architecture sure was something as if it were a suite, walls of stone and marble were neatly aligned in a silhouette that defines the humble abode, nostalgic and new and obviously been built recently. Protected by a wall towering at eight feet and carpeted by stone steps as it stood above the grassy ground. It was small but suitable enough seeing as it was actually his place to stay. Before he could ring the doorbell, the door had opened; it was none other than his sister Éclair waiting for him. “So how was it?”

Quite unusual for her to be here of all places, apparently he had forgotten that she studies here too, though she doesn’t look like it. Éclair motioned Genesis to enter as he was presented with what looks like a fancy home for the rich, the architecture was quite remarkable, even the furniture looked comfortable enough to settle down and rest.

“I thought you were back at home but it seems you have me arrive here first on purpose. I didn’t even know we have a foothold in Vale.” Genesis headed directly to the living room dropping his travel bag and made him comfortable on the couch. The building has four bedrooms, each was unique in its own way, the comfort room was down stairs along with the storage room, kitchen and the dining room, and the back consists of a small garden. Out of the many homes in certain locations around the world, despite how simple this is, this was the only home that seemed to have a warm house feeling to it.

“Of course silly brother, Father was originally from Vale.” The end table at the corner of the living room consists of a laptop which was used to gather data and to profile allies, enemies, targets as well as the most notable things. His last mission was basically planned by father; the reward money was nothing more than tuition fee for Genesis to enter beacon for his birthday. He will never forget how much they had both done for him and the only way left to repay them is to becoming a better hunter than before.

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The Humble Home (Closed)
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