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 Maxual Demonshire

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PostSubject: Maxual Demonshire   Maxual Demonshire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 1:21 am


Maxual Demonshire




A white dollhouse at the center of a pink full moon with a rose pattern and puppet control on it.

1st year student at Beacon
He's a well polished porecelain doll maker's apprentice, He design's and on occasion makes his own porcelain dolls.

Maxual is an extremely scrawny individual, 6'4, around 130lbs and built like a puppet, His skin is almost porcelain white since he hardly ever goes out in the sun. His eyes are a pale amethyst color and stir emotionless. He has a sharp jawline and doll like facial features, with shining strawberry blonde hair, that is cut in flares tossed aside from his eyes, and bangs that reach his chin. He genuinly looks like a puppet that's come to life and has a small tattoo of a dot with 4 triangles around it, kind of like a star under the corner of his left eye. He wears an eerie vacant look on his face, as if he's aware of his surroundings, but his mind isn't all there. He wears blue and pink eyeshadow to accentuate. Maxual wears a blue tailcoat with gold lining, a red bowtie made from the same material he uses to cloths his dolls, he wears short black pants and kneehigh black and white striped stockings, with black boots and gold buttons, and a black top hat that has a little red bow tied around it with two feathers.

Maxual came from an extremely wealthy family, that gave him everything he ever wanted as a child, that is, everything except for attention. His mother has her own clothing line, and his father owns multiple toy factories. He had a fairly comfortable life, though with zero attention from his family, he recieved care from several butlers and maids who didn't pay him much mind either. Being deprived of attention and bullied all of his life, he found a dollshop
filled with antique porcelain dolls that to him, looked very lifelike. He visited the shop every day, buying a family of dolls and constantly shopping for new outfits to fit them with. He loved his dolls and took great care of them, when one day he was going home from the shop with a fresh new doll and some cloths when he was confronted by a bully who snatched the doll from his hands and smashed it on the floor, poor little max was terribly heartbroken, the dolls are the only things he considers family, he was obsessed with them, he saw them to be perfect, so much so that he wanted to look like one, and there he was watching helplessly as one of his perfect family members got smashed right before his eyes. The teary eyed Maxual made a choice later that night. Without much reasoning, he decided he wanted to learn how to protect the things he cared about. Maxual decided that he to go to Sanctum, but first he'd have to learn basics and get a hold of a weapon, He decided to ask the guards of his house, who pointed him in the direction of several hunters, one hunter in particular caught his attention, it was an old man by the name of Franze Dross, who incidentally turned out to be the owner of the doll and puppet shop. Maxual offered him an amazing amount of money but for weeks the man refused, until finally max said he would do absolutely anything, Franze struck a deal with him saying that if he was willing to work as payment for his training and one day take charge of the shop then he would be willing to teach him. Without hesitation Max accepted the offer, for now not only would he be able to learn to protect that which he loves most but he could make them as well. several years passed and Max learned how to make dolls and fight at the same time. Franze gave Max his very own weapons and He enrolled into Sanctum, where he graduated and joined Beacon.

Maxual is an extremely naive, odd, and misunderstood individual. Most people are too scared to even talk to him and He speaks with a soft monotone voice. Ostracized and bullied all of his life, he keeps to himself usually in a dimly lit room to work on his dolls. He truly doesn't understand why people have to be so cruel, then again he doesn't understand the concept of fear either. He's pretty much emotionless, although he genuinely wishes that he could make a "real life" friend. Max spends most of his time talking to his dolls, making them look pretty, or painting new dolls altogether the only person he's felt any emotion for is his teacher Franze, although max doesn't know what friendship feels like, he assumes it's similar to how he feels about his teacher. When he fights he holds the same empty emotionless look on his face, on occasion complimenting his opponent or commenting on their style
of fighting, he doesn't do it to instigate or insult, he's really providing genuine constructive criticism. All in all Maxual is the definition of a pure yet twisted innocent child. Despite his age, his purity is not to be confused with a sign of weakness.

Maxual is extremely flexible, fluid, and agile, he has the exceptional ability to dodge attacks without even stepping away from where he stands, he's got faster than average speed, and he's good at redirecting blows away from him. although he rarely worries about close combat seeing as he focuses mostly on range and dust usage.

He's not at all strong, and he cannot really take a hit making close quarter combat very hard for him, and if he's injured it takes him a while to gather himself. Aside from that his personality makes it hard for people to get along with him, let alone talk to him without being put off by him.

Puppet Show: Max is covered in an extremely eerie aura, like a black and purple flame licking his entire body, he looks corpse like and tenses up before relaxing and slumping over with his head and arms floating like they've been strung up. Max's eyes both take on a dark purple glow, they remain expressionless but his mouth displays a big eerie toothy grin, his attack speed increases and so does his evasive capabilities, he no longer focus's on range, instead he closes in on his opponent, laughing menacingly, his movements are short and choppy, yet still fluid, like a dancing puppet being controlled by strings, he launches a non-stop flurry of attacks while circling his opponent laughing and screaming to unnerve his target. However this is only effective against a few enemies, if Max gets hit while using his semblance he will immediately drop to the floor as if the puppets strings were cut, this can go on for 10 minutes or until his target is dispatched, however if all 10 minutes are burned out, again Max will fall to the ground like a ragdoll, exhausted, this leaves him completely vulnerable... Like a puppet without it's master...


Midnight Show

Primary Form:
A collapsable Halberd that is roughly 6'6 in size, 3'6 when retracted, with a slightly over sized axe head and a wavy spear tip, the blade is extremely sharp and the base can handle an extreme amount of pressure. Maxual generally uses this weapon when starting off in combat, it's very effective for mid range and allows him to gain a bit of distance between his opponents, like all of his weapons, Maxual seems to incorporate a sort of dance with it.
while fighting, Maxual uses the weight of the head, carefully directing it as he see's fit, he likes to twirl and jump with this weapon and as it builds momentum, max can activate dust reserves in the head by slightly rotating a section of the handle, the halberd can use all kinds of dust for various effects. Max likes using white, to launch his opponents in the air and again to launch himself off of the ground in an attempt at impaling his enemy in mid air, other time's he'll use red to create a shock wave when he strikes, this is used for a more direct attack, he uses blue when he slams the axe on the floor to create a freezing wave to immobilize his opponents and then swings his weapon to shatter their frozen parts and so on.  

Secondary Weapon:

Danse Macabre

Primary Form:ACT 1
A specially made white Rapier with a Pink and blue design. This weapon is specially designed to use all kinds of dust for different battle tactics Max simply squeezes the trigger on the handle and pulls one of the 6 levers that make the guard to activate any form of dust he has, this weapon is very well made for close combat, although it severely lacks in it's defense, it can certainly dish out a wide variety of dust fueled attacks. The blade is also extremely sharp, it can also be used for slicing and stabbing. Maxual tends to use a ballet like style for this weapon and it is his favorite to use, partially because it's so pretty. His fluid movements, coupled with the weapons light weight and aerodynamic design make it a lethal weapon for offensive close combat, despite it's pathetic defensive abilities, this is the weapon Maxual uses most of the time when he activates his semblance.

Secondary Form:
Act 2

The rapier opens up to form a bow, revealing a wire hidden inside the blade. Once Maxual gains his distance he uses steel arrows of which he carries thirty, in a quiver on his back, the bow is self explanatory, with a lethal range of 50 yards without dust, 100 yards with it. Maxual tends to Waltz with his bow, and usually lets the dust do all of the work, when it comes to archery this weapon is as lethal as they come, allowing max both piercing, explosive, shock, and immobilizing capabilities thanks to the dust reserves.

Hand made specially for his pupil, Franze put a lot of emotion into making these weapons, studying Maxual as he worked on his doll, and getting to know him on a personal basis, Franze made these weapons with no one else but Maxual in mind, from the color and grip, all the way down to the size and weight.He put the same amount of effort into these weapons that Maxual had put into his dolls and training. This being the first time in ages that Franze
had put so much effort into something, he was extremely proud of the way they turned out. He taught Max specific techniques to activate dust, he taught Max how to use these weapons as if he were playing with puppets, from the evasive maneuvering to parrying and everything in between. Franze had spent years of his life on training Max how to be the a Hunter like him, and he succeeded, he gave Maxual these weapons, not as a gift, but as an honor
the Honor of using art such as doll making, or painting, he gave these weapons to max as a symbol of his accomplishment in reaching his goal of protecting that which he held closest to him, not with violence, but with passion and art.

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PostSubject: Re: Maxual Demonshire   Maxual Demonshire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 1:13 pm

Everything looks okay to me. +1

That said, I have a couple suggestions that won't effect my approval if they are changed or not. While his weakness works, he seems like the type that would have personality quirks that would cause him trouble. These would also be considered a weakness, so you might want to think about fleshing that section out a bit more.

Also, there are quite a few sentences with a lower case letter after a period(.) Not an issue that would hold up approval, but still annoying to me.


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PostSubject: Re: Maxual Demonshire   Maxual Demonshire Icon_minitimeMon Apr 21, 2014 9:04 pm

Approved, 2/2.

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Maxual Demonshire
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