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 Nio Sapphirrus

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PostSubject: Nio Sapphirrus   Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:50 am

Name: Nio Sapphirrus (Pseudonym; true name unknown)

Nickname/Alias: The Blue Paladin

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: A knight's helmet being held aloft by the stock of a gun (colored blue)

Occupation: Student

Appearance: Nio has a rather child-like appearance, despite his age and height; overall, he looks to be much younger than 17. He stands at 5'8" tall and weighs 107 lbs. with a delicate, thin body build. He has white skin with a pale complexion, big, rounded, dark brown eyes and short blonde hair (sort of like Jaune Arc's hair, but a little bit longer in the back). He also has a black tattoo on the back of his neck that reads "N. 10" and several scars on his upper torso (most have healed more than the others and are hardly noticeable unless you see them up close).

Clothing (Casual): Before Beacon, Nio's casual outfit of choice is an old blue hoodie (usually with the hood over his head), with a white T-Shirt underneath, a pair of worn-out jeans, and gray sneakers. After his first week at Beacon, his handler sends him a special outfit of a long-sleeve shirt and pants that are sapphire blue with neon blue veins running down the sleeves and legs (allusion to the attire from Tron). Nio also has a blue glove-like metal device worn on his right hand with a neon blue holographic button that activates his armor.

Battle gear/ Armor: Nio's combat armor is a technologically advanced armored battlesuit, that was designed by the private military tech company known as Helsing Electronics, and provides Nio with greater strength and faster physical reflex speed to match his reaction speed, which also complements his excellent marksmanship. The armor has a very smooth, streamlined design with little to no rough surfaces, and each individual pauldron is molded perfectly to the wearer's build. It possesses a full-head helmet with a swept-back design and a black,wide V-shaped, retractable, one-way visor that conceals the wearer's identity and incorporates a digital helmet-mounted display that provides increased tactical awareness. The armored component was made with a rare metal that makes the wearer resistant to most types of conventional firepower and explosives (it's capable of withstanding anything lower than a .50 caliber round and anything weaker than an RPG) with a titanium nanocomposite bodysuit underneath further protecting the wearer. The armor is sapphire blue in color, and the under suit is jet black.

The digital helmet-mounted display (HMD; the correct term for this type of equipment, not "heads-up display") consists of a motion sensor/ mini-map on the lower left, a gauge tracking the quantity of ammunition available for Nio's weapon on the lower right, a small green icon to the center left that indicates someone contacting Nio via radio, and an Aura meter and armor integrity gauge along the top center.

To activate his armor, Nio presses the holographic blue button on his hand-worn device and gives the voice command, "Activate SYSTEM-10" (a reference to N. 10), after which a bright light envelopes his entire body. When the light quickly dissipates, he is seen with his full armor (this concept is similar to the Keyblade Armor from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep). Once activated, the visor's HMD will read, "SYSTEM-10 Aura-Enabled General-Purpose Combat Amplification Suit, Activated" (S.A.E.G.A.). His weapon, Sapphire Cutter MK2, is deployed in a similar fashion, by giving the voice command, "Equip SC-2", after which his weapon will appear in his right hand.(always appears in gun mode first).

History: Nio is an artificially synthesized human being (the first and only) who was created by a young female genetics expert as part of a project to create a "new breed of human". This woman deeply loved Nio and raised him as her own, and he grew to be a normal, healthy, and happy little boy. But then, when Nio was four years old, his "mother" was shot dead by members of a terrorist organization called PLAGUE, who then kidnapped Nio and brought him to their research facility. It was here that they planned to use Nio as a living weapon against the Kingdoms.

For three years, Nio was subjected to physical and mental torture through experimentation, which included the replacement of nearly all of his vital organs with some sort of fungal mass. During this time, he lost memory of his mother and even forgot his original name, and he instead took the name that was permenantly tattooed on the back of his neck, N.10 (Subject Number 10, which he misinterpreted as saying "Nio"). After three years of being held captive, he eventually escaped from the facility, but not before awakening and activating his Semblance and unintentionally killing several PLAGUE members, including the leader's youngest son. He was found by Vale Police several days later hiding in an old abandoned warehouse, and was soon put into care.

He began school and grew to be a bright yet unusually quiet child. When Nio was 11, he began training at Spectra Academy, a prestigious yet shady school designed to convert its students into highly-skilled warriors and assassins. It was here that Nio met and formed a bond with a young woman known only as "Gatekeeper", who served as a tutor and authority figure for Nio. It was also here that he developed a fascination with weapons (particularly bladed weapons and firearms), which led to him creating Sapphire Cutter, and later his current weapon, Sapphire Cutter Mk. 2. When Nio was 16, he graduated from Spectra and became part of a private paramilitary force known as GAIA, with Gatekeeper as his mission handler. Nio quickly became their top agent, and was nicknamed "The Blue Paladin". It was here that he also received his specialized battlesuit.

Over several months, he was sent on many solo operations across Remnant, against malicious groups such as the White Fang and various criminal terrorists and tyrannical warlords. In one notable mission, he singlehandedly engaged 40 White Fang soldiers who had taken over an armored convoy transporting Dust, killing 39 and arresting the one survivor. He was brought to the attention of Professor Ozpin of Beacon Academy after appearing just in the nick of time to save a group of students (whom he had met earlier that day, but left without saying much or telling them his name) from certain death at the hands of 124 members of PLAGUE. Afterwards, his superiors and supervisor, with recommendation from Ozpin, decided to enroll Nio into Beacon to become a Huntsman.

Despite being a student, he still takes on missions from GAIA every now and then. Little does he know, however, that his old captors are plotting to take back what they believe is their's, by any means necessary. Only this time, Nio is grown up, armed, and ready for them....

Personality: Despite appearing stern, tough, and levelheaded in combat, he is a very timid, reserved, and socially awkward individual (especially around girls), and at times, very emotionally fragile, sometimes bursting into tears after having a negative experience, or bursting out in anger when he's fed up with someone or something. He is also very self-loathing; he often sees himself as a monster because of the things he has to do to protect himself and others (this includes killing, which by now has almost become second nature to him). Having not experienced love or friendship since his "mother's" passing (with the exception of his handler, "Gatekeeper"), he tries to avoid forming close relationships with other people, fearing he might "get hurt", put those around him at risk, or be seen as a monster by others because of his actions. He usually won't engage in a simple conversation unless he's approached first. Also, he sees his weapon and armor as his source of confidence, as his attitude and personality change dramatically (he acts cold and distant). Nonetheless, he is still a loyal, kind, polite, and caring person who will do anything for his new friends/teammates and comes to knows that he can trust and depend on them.

Strengths: Proficiency with firearms and blades, rapid reaction speed, coordination, his armor, great CQB and urban combat skills, good at improvising during combat, powerful Semblance

Weaknesses: Heavy artillery, Aura-draining Semblance, girls, poor social skills, shy nature, emotionally fragile, self-loathing, low self-image, has difficulty reaching out and opening up to others

Semblance: When activated, his body and armor glow a bright neon-blue, including his eyes, which shine through his helmet's visor. In this state, his strength and speed are increased drastically, and he can divert all his Aura energy to extend the length of Sapphire Cutter Mk. 2's energy blade and perform a single powerful slash. However, this power is highly unstable, he will lash out and attack anyone that's near if enraged (in which case, he will glow a dark red), and it only lasts for a short period of time because it cannabilizes his own Aura energy, leaving him physically exhausted after it's use and often causing him to pass out.


Name: Sapphire Cutter Mk 2 (SC-2)

Primary Form: A selective fire personal defense weapon (PDW). This weapon is essentially modeled after the real-life FN P90. It has a compact, bullpup design that is easily concealable under a coat or jacket (though not normally stored in this fashion). It carries a 50-round, top-loading magazine that contains specialized small-caliber, high-velocity rounds. These rounds were designed to penetrate glass, vehicle doors, and modern body armor, but it's also designed to lose much of its kinetic energy when it penetrates drywall or hits concrete, making it perfect for indoor shooting. The round is also made to tumble once it penetrates flesh, giving it overall greater stopping power than a pistol-caliber round and reducing the risk of over-penetration. The weapon has a cyclic rate of fire of 900 RPM and will take out targets (Human or otherwise) at a maximum effective range of 200 meters.

-Easter Egg-Written in small letters on the side of Sapphire Cutter Mk. 2 in its PDW form below the magazine mount is the word "Henrietta". This is a reference to a character from the manga/anime Gunslinger Girl, who used the P90 (the weapon that SC-2 is modeled after) as her main weapon.

Secondary Form: A powerful, directed energy sword. To transform, the stock separates and the pistol grip and trigger retract into the gap, and the separated halves of the stock close around the arm (or connect to the right arm pauldron of Nio's armor) just below the elbow. On the front of the weapon, the barrel retracts and the front opens up and reveals two magnetic-field generators on the inside of each half. The result is an arm-mounted, horizontally held hilt that projects a 3-foot neon blue energy blade (sort of like a cross between an Indian Katar dagger and the Covenant energy sword from Halo). The blade is actually powered directly by Nio's Aura, and is capable of cleaving through nearly any material and can counter strikes from other melee weapons, including a Beowolf's claws and Ruby Rose's Crescent Rose.

History: Sapphire Cutter Mk. 2 was designed and created by Nio himself during his first weeks at Spectra (before he met Gatekeeper) after the original Mk. 1 version (resembling the MAC-10 machine pistol) was phased out by Nio due to "insufficient design features".

Other: Nio has a blue motorcycle (modeled after the real-life Ducati 1199 Panigale R) called Bucephalus (Alexander the Great's horse) which has two grappling hooks and two built-in machine guns, as well as an emergency self-destruct system.

Nio is a supporter of the Faunus and harbors no grudge or distrust against them, despite having been in combat against the White Fang (and killing a number of its operatives; he often gives them the choice to surrender peacefully before engaging them, unless they've already killed someone or are about to kill someone), and dislikes any discrimination against them.
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PostSubject: Re: Nio Sapphirrus   Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:39 pm

Alright, there's really only a few things here, everything else looks good.

For the strengths and weaknesses I would like you to flesh those out more. Don't just state a list. For example, tell why he is that of which you listed.

And finally, the semblance. I'm a bit concerned about his speed, and strength improved. I would say pick one of those.
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PostSubject: Re: Nio Sapphirrus   Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:20 pm

All righty. I'll have to think over how to flesh out strengths and weaknesses for a bit, but I'll see what I can do.

As for his Semblance, I'll just stick with his speed being increased. It acts most similar to the Trans-Am System from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
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PostSubject: Re: Nio Sapphirrus   Thu May 01, 2014 3:48 pm

Moved to MIA.
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PostSubject: Re: Nio Sapphirrus   

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Nio Sapphirrus
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