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PostSubject: Anarchy   Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:40 am


Name: Anarchy

Age: Unknown, probably around 20

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Symbol: A Blue flame

Occupation: Psychotic Mercenary, World Terrorist, Most Wanted Man by both the Human Government and the White Fang

Appearance: Anarchy is described to have dark blue spiky hair, red eye color with a scar on his left eye left by an assassin which he had brutally mutilated and a striking tattoo in which to represent a blue flame. He stands at a height of exactly six feet weighing around 80kg with a mesomorph body. He wears a long scarf which matches the color of his hair and wears a uniquely designed vest in which carries either frags, explosives and probably paint spray. His belt consists of dust as his ammo, a few cigars and a chain in where he keeps his submachine gun. Down to his leggings, he wears a few inventory belts that can store small objects and at the lower part of his legs just between his combat boots are a pair of Jack knives, that can change in length. He is seen to be carrying a Flamethrower and a Grenade Launcher as his choice for weapons strapped to his body along with a hover board that reaches to a height no higher than 10 feet.  
He was a spitting image of a genocidal man, a psychotic terrorist any criminal would have dreamed off.

Draft of Anarchy:

There was an island called Oedipus and it was known for its weapons development and research center, a place where hunters can either buy or craft a weapon worthy of their own hands, it was one of the biggest markets of hunters in the world. In Oedipus there was a law that states that there will be no fights or wars on its streets unless it’s for a sporting event. Oedipus is strict with its laws keeping the balance of law and order intact. The weapons development center was the biggest customer Schnee company could ever have in which they had demanded more dust from them than any other market in exchange it shall give Schnee a variety of weapons of different kinds of various shapes and sizes and supported its technology department. It strived through leaps and bounds till came the fateful day when the island of Oedipus would soon be met with a disaster that no one could have anticipated. There was one person who actually had the guts to break the peaceful law, no one knew who he was or where he came from and because of him Oedipus Island turned into a chasm of war in which fires had spread throughout the city creating chaos and havoc in his wake. He never hesitated to kill anyone on that island especially to actual terrorists that were shopping nearby. It was said that Oedipus island itself spelled its own destruction by becoming a high class open market to all who needed weapons but who in the right mind would burn a foundation in which was admired by many warriors, hunters, stingers, terrorists alike which had took years to build into a utopia of defense against any creature of grimm and had it all crumble single handedly in a matter of hours? He was worse than a towering grim. He was then given the name Anarchy. He was often seen killing hunters on jobs, interfering with white fang operations and stealing dust from the Schnee company in the guise of a faunus who carries a White Fang Symbol that would raise the morale of war between humans and the White Fang. Some say he was an escape convict from an asylum but there was no further proof that he was.
Hiring him for missions was the greatest gamble anyone could ever make since he intends on killing his clients after receiving payment. He was a maniac, a true terror to the world.

Anarchy is a destructive man in combat and would utilize his arsenal of toys to devastate anyone who stands before him to put it in a simple concept; he’d use a bomb just to kill a small tiny ant. He’s wild and energetic, cocky with a devilish childlike nature in which he expresses himself by drawing graffiti on a ruined building he, himself had destroyed and is a trickster by right impersonating himself as a White Fang member in which he partaken in missions to kill numerous people and if the allies he’s with bore him, he executes them without any remorse. What Anarchy would most likely be after is the thrill, the excitement of seeing thousands of buildings crumble as fires spread amongst the populace, everyone screaming and dying, winning the envy of every single criminal on this planet. He insulted and severed any forms of allied activity between Faunus and humans may it be an underground organization or an official one just to see them fighting against each other again. Sometimes he enjoys a near death experience himself and excites him to do more havoc than he usually those and would always have a plan to escape every time he engages the public, creating a huge massacre.  Though he randomly chooses a time to silently kill an opponent

He is merciless and doesn’t even leave any breathing room for his enemies; the greatest advantage whenever he fights is that when he is completely outnumbered he will induce chaos by striking down and focusing on the most agile or powerful of enemies, making him a big threat to a free for all battle. He is also a poison practitioner meaning to say he is immune to poison.
He is reckless and arrogant to people he is about to kill and would probably be unaware of people who would interfere. He underestimates his enemies in which he is sure to kill and compares them to the rest of the victims he murdered himself. A highly skilled and agile warrior can only become Anarchy’s undoing seeing as his semblance won’t amplify if it detects only one aura.
Ignition – Anarchy’s Semblance is the ability for him to move faster than any athlete. The presence of other auras amplifies the effect making him almost impossible to catch up to his movements when outnumbered. The radius of this passive would be like a mere hundred meters; this however allows him to detect enemies with aura simply by knowing the increase of his speed. Ignition was given the name to the semblance because the concept of this was to add “Fuel to the Fire” A small perk is that it allows him to double jump.  


Name:Snozzle Nose
Primary Form: Anarchy’s Grenade Launcher with a bullet tied to it like an accessory. It’s capable of firing highly explosive rounds that can reduce a sturdy wall to rubble or heavily damage an armored tank. The secret to its power is actually highly explosive dust that amplifies the force of impact
Secondary Form: Snozzle Nose’s second form is a sturdy hammer. Anarchy can choose to either slam the hammer to deal massive damage or slam it along with the force of the grenade launcher, penetrating through hard sturdy armor.
It was one of the few weapons he stole from the Weapons Development center in the island of Oedipus and used it to reduce everything to rubble.

Name: Blaze
Primary Form: Blaze is Anarchy’s custom made flamethrower, in which unlike any regular flamethrower, it can extend its range to 30 meters, emitting a blue powerful and searing flame. The appearance of the weapon has its barrel painted to look like the head of a fire breathing Salamander, hence the name Blaze.
Secondary Form: Anarcy detaches a certain compartment in Blaze revealing a long spear which contains highly volatile liquefied dust in it. Upon piercing an opponent, it inserts the liquefied dust on the wound in which burns if it comes in contact with fire or slowly poisons the body whichever fits
History:This was a weapon crafted by his own hands, perhaps his very first. It was customized to fit job assassination purposes.

Name:Jack Knives
Primary Form: As the name goes it’s a pair of Jack Knives that can extend its length up to 16 inches. At certain times he rigs these knives with poison. Sometimes it’s a shiv instead of a knife but Anarchy cannot tell the difference.
History:Well it’s a terrorist basic, who else would go and create chaos without these babies?

Primary Form: Pewpew is a small machine gun that can fire more than 50 rounds. It also has the ability to hack machines and reprogram them to his will via laser designator. It has a USB port in it which stores viruses made by Anarchy himself to whatever purpose related to it.
History:Pewpew is a complicated device, manufactured for military purposes. One of the few weapons stolen from Oedipus island by Anarchy and was modified to fit his purpose.
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PostSubject: Re: Anarchy   Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:11 am

You must wait 2 weeks from your last character's approval to submit another. This profile will be moved to MIA in 24 hours, you have until then to save your information. You may resubmit this character on April 16th.
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