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 Aegis Island

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PostSubject: Aegis Island   Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:31 am

Name: Aegis Island

Location: Near the equator, international waters.

Geography: Largely mountainous, save near the shorelines. Volcanic activity that shaped the island lends to fertile soils. Dense jungle-like areas cover the island in a ring, with a volcano in the center.

Climate: Typically warm, with temperatures averaging 21-32 centigrade. Inclement weather can often be found somewhere, though it is often isolated outside of storm seasons.

Flora and Fauna: A vast array of wildlife populates the island, not all of it being native. Introduced species tend to flourish and thrive under the supportive climes, which has the consequence of straining resources native species need to survive. Aside from the standard wildlife, Grimm also populate the island, making the Mercenaries’ Guild on the island a prime source for impromptu Hunters to protect the populace.

Government: Because Aegis Island is located in international waters and privately owned, it is almost entirely free from the restrictions of mainland laws and regulations. However, while the setup may sound anarchistic, the tight-knit community as well as the miniscule size keep things in check. There is no formal ruler of the island, being funded and supported by a group of vastly differing individuals with loose ties to each other, so most major decisions and legal affairs are carried out by a loosely defined democracy of the more respected members of the Mercenaries Guild. The social hierarchy of the guild is based on the foundation of respect. Newer members and less frequent visitors have less influence than more experienced and familiar members, however, no member has complete control or is considered a leader, and no member is truly insignificant. Because of this, members have almost total freedom to decide what to do, the restrictions being a concrete set of rules from the guild’s founding.
1: No man controls another.
2: No man kills on this island.
3: No man steals from another.
4: No man rules this island, nor this guild.
Punishments for breaking these rules vary widely and the victim typically chooses the punishment, so long as the majority supports him/her. This mentality strengthens bonds and encourages good behavior, as a typically disliked person, if found guilty, may be punished more severely than one who is well liked and respected. The system however, is not perfect, and promotes a considerable amount of false kindness. Islanders however, welcome any kindness, and whether for personal gain or not, kindness is accepted.

Trade and Economy: Being an island community, it would be expected that fish be a primary export. Additionally, due to the fertile soils left by the volcanic activity that formed the island, agriculture also constitutes a significant portion of the local economy, allowing the island to be largely autonomous from the main kingdoms of Remnant, save for the lack of a significant combat school.

Notable Landmarks: The Mercenaries’ Guild (See below)

Mt. Aegis; The centerpiece of the island, Mt. Aegis gave the island shape and form. Though it is still active, it does not pose a significant danger to the residents of the island.

Mercenaries Guild: The main attraction of the island, and the main hub of both government and economy, is the Mercenaries’ Guild. Nicknamed “Lancer’s Mount” the building is both the largest and most dangerous on the island. It serves as a headquarters for the guild, but anyone is welcome inside, usually to seek employment or protection. At any given time, the building may contain dozens of trained killers and thugs, making it an inadvisable place to cause trouble.
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Aegis Island
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