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 Getting Started: The Guide!

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Getting Started: The Guide! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Getting Started: The Guide!   Getting Started: The Guide! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 29, 2014 6:32 pm

Getting Started

Welcome to the RWBY RPG! If you're having any trouble on getting started, then look no further, this guide should answer your confusion to how to start roleplaying here.


First off, everyone should read the rules, even if you know how to get started, everyone should read them at least once.

Character Creation

Once you have read the rules, the first place you want to do is create a character to roleplay with, this section will teach you how:

Firstly you want to head over to the character template, you should copy the coding into a notepad file, as shown below in the spoiler tags:

Copy the code on the character template page:

Once copied, paste it into a notepad file:

After you have copy and pasted the coding into the notepad file, save it somewhere secure so you won't lose it. After saving the file, fill in the sections. Remember, the more detailed, the better. There is also information about creating a character in the character template and rules threads, which you should have read earlier, this will help you complete the character.

Once you have filled out the character template, you should head over to character creation thread, this is where your filled out character template has to go so it can be approved.

Press the 'new topic' button shown in the picture below:

Once you press that button, this page should appear, copy and paste your filled out character template from the notepad file into the box shown:

Once you have pasted the filled out template into the box, press the buttom marked with 'Send', this will put your character up for the moderators and admins to review:

Once your character has been put up for approval, you need to wait until two different moderators and/or admins have given you two approvals, if there is something that needs fixing or breaks the rules in your character, the moderators or admins will point it out to you in a post so that you can fix the problem and get the character approved.

After Approval

After you have gotten two approvals by the moderators or admins, you will need to add your character to your signature, this should help people you're roleplaying with determine which character you are using, this guide shows how.

First off, click the 'Welcome *Username*' button, this should drop down a menu where you should see a button marked 'Edit profile', click this button:

Once you click this, it should bring up the 'Preferences' tab, you want to click the 'Signature' tab:

Once you are on the 'Signature' tab, you should see this page, click the little icon marked in the image:

When you have clicked the icon, this box should drop down, fill it in with your charcter's information and press 'Insert':
(You should be able to find your approved charcter's page URL in the approved characters thread.)

Once you have pressed 'Insert', the code shown in the image should appear in the text box, press 'Save' and your signature should be updated:

Start Roleplaying

Once you have finished all of the above steps, you're ready to start roleplaying! There are three basic types of threads, [OPEN], [INVITE], [CLOSED]. There are a few more, but these are covered in the rules thread as they don't need extra guides on how to join as they are joined in the same was as the three mentioned earlier.


To join an [OPEN] thread, all you need to do is simply post in them with no permission, click the 'post reply' button and type up your post in the box that appears:


To join a [INVITE] thread, you must ask permission from the thread's author, there are two ways of doing this:

1) Ask the authour in the site's chatbox:
2) Send a private message to the authour, asking if you can join:


Closed thread authors either pre-determine which characters are going to be in it, either via chatbox or private message, or they can set up a thread signup thread, these signup threads are found in the plot zone thread.

To signup for a closed thread, you need to post in a signup thread, you click the 'post reply' button as shown in the [OPEN] guide, then write a message and press 'Send' to post it to sign up one of your charcters:
(Note that [CLOSED] threads may either be first come first served or the author will pick the their favoured characters that signed up.)

Good luck!
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Getting Started: The Guide!
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