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 Minor Rules Update! [2014-03-16]

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Minor Rules Update! [2014-03-16] Empty
PostSubject: Minor Rules Update! [2014-03-16]   Minor Rules Update! [2014-03-16] Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2014 10:43 pm

Hey everyone, just a small announcement to point out a few changes to the rules!

First off, the rules have gotten some very small changes over the past two months or so. Mostly rewording and the like. You should read over them anyway!

But, I do want to point out a few specific changes. There are two new thread tags, [Invite] and [Limited]. These are both specialized tags, and have been used before. They are simply being added to the rules to clear up any issues that may arise regarding them.

Additionally, The NPC rules have been reworded to be more clear on what is and what is not allowed. Basically, you can control NPC characters in Closed, Plot, Invite, and Limited threads, IF you are the GM(creator of thread) or have permission from the GM. In an open thread, you can only control minor NPCs, like a shopkeeper for example. Or a civilian passerby.

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Minor Rules Update! [2014-03-16]
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