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 Initiation events are now for precreated teams!

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PostSubject: Initiation events are now for precreated teams!   Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:36 pm

Hey everyone, just chiming in here to let everyone know that we have signups for two events currently, both are your teams initiations! This works differently than the past ones. With these, you sign up with your ALREADY created team. You'll be playing along side probably one other team, MAYBE two, depending on who runs the event.

The goal here is to run the fairly iconic event of Initiation, while avoiding many of the troubles we had in the past where we randomly forced people into teams. With your team already made with people you want, we can avoid those kind of issues and just get the fun out of it instead! Make sure you play your characters in the event as if they are just meeting though, because during the event they technically aren't teamed up yet!

Anyway, here are the links to the two events!

Initiation Signups here and here!

Team Kyanos: Kirkka Scarlet Olivia Yakolev Nathan Khrysos Sacha Cichlid
Other Things: Kaali Charen Alban Skyn Event/Moderator
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Initiation events are now for precreated teams!
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