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 Bad Influence (Invite only)

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PostSubject: Bad Influence (Invite only)   Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:35 am

Fionn walked down the street with a stupid but sweet smile plastered onto his face, it was a beautiful sunny day in Vale with a slight breeze that was melting the winter snow and he was in a good mood today. "Hey so do you want to head to a bar or something?" He asked the fourteen year old bounty hunter named Schrödinger. While Fionn tried to be a good influence on him he still wasn't exactly the best person to be taking lessons in life from, especially considering his near crippling alcoholism and tendency to do things that weren't exactly legal.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Influence (Invite only)   Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:31 am

Schrödinger happily strolled alongside Fionn, his new found friend. He hadn't really made any friends since on his current mission, but Fionn was probably the first true friend. When Fionn asked his question Schrödinger looked confused for a second, trying to work out if Fionn was joking or not, he eventually replied by saying "Uhh... Aren't I a little bit too young?" Slowly and methodically, trying to figure out if Fionn was serious or not, Schrödinger had met alcoholics in the past and was starting to think Fionn was one too, but he wasn't sure yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Influence (Invite only)   Wed Mar 12, 2014 11:36 am

Fionn chuckled slightly at the boys words as he continued to walk along. "You're never to young to start drinking, and besides, no bar around here would even dare carding someone that is with me!" He said as he put his hands on his neck and leaned back looking forward to the sky. "For fear of losing half of there profits" Fionn thought as he cracked his neck
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PostSubject: Re: Bad Influence (Invite only)   

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Bad Influence (Invite only)
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