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 Naok Nahsiw

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PostSubject: Naok Nahsiw   Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:01 am

Name: Naok Nahsiw ( N-a-o-k Nah-shoo)

Location: Far away from Vale to the North west.

Grimm: Nevermore

Terrain: Island, Very luscious grass, few mountains: The mountains tend to have many pools and and fountains with falls, But at the top they are usually flat, these mountains are mostly centered at the south right side of the island, On the left bank of the island there is a beach, The Luscious forest accompanies the the right and the north side of the island, It’s filled with palm trees and many animals, Also an array of flowers, very isolated in location,

Behavior: The people there are very linked to the animals. Adults seem very relaxed there very goal oriented. Mostly because they moved there for a more peaceful life. But the kids there seem to not have very many goals. Even to the point of dropping out of school. The kids born there seem to have very amazing abilities due to some mystic power in the forest. But they refuse to use these abilities in battle. Thinking it would put them in an unfair advantage. Most kids here are vegetarian but not many look down on people who are not. Their is a 0 crime rate there. Almost all kids have parents. Very few are orphans here.

Weather: It’s a very warm area in the morning and at night. The wind there at the time it would be winter can get a bit wild. During what time it would be fall it’s very rainy. Then during Spring it’s rainy again but warm. Then in the summer it’s just like a normal summer.

Schools: It has only one small fighting school there ( the only school) named Zenda. You have to go to another place in order to further education. But due to the fact most kids seem to drop out of it. They flex the schedule around in order to curve ball this issue. The schedules are mostly month to month schedules. Comprised of random days a week. But then kids are put in classes of people with around the same monthly schedules. But their are a few days that are mandatory to go to. Also most homework is more project or packet work. Due to the long periods of out terms. This plan seems to be working so far. This school combines fighting with regular education. One of the best schools due to how small the classes are.

Groups: None

Transportation: To get from there to anywhere else you need a boat. They have a fairies that go there to other places. Air travel is not supplied due to the dangers.

Economy :There are 4 main jobs Fisher, Farmer, Baker, and Animal caretaker. It’s very unique in set up honestly. Kids take care of the animals usually or bakers. Kids who are bakers are usually helpers to the baker. And any kid fishers are usually with their parents. Animal caretakers typically get 5 animals of their choice to take care of. They usually work with a vet . Mountains Beach Waterfall pools
[url= rKHb8Xujzw8/UGf6nZHDojI/AAAAAAAAIKg/JTeZ7y1KTrs/s1600/Green+Rain+Forest+Scenery.jpg][/url] Rain Forest
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PostSubject: Re: Naok Nahsiw   Fri Mar 21, 2014 9:47 am

In my opinion this place just seems too picture perfect. Warm weather, no crime, everyone is friendly. It feels as if it's not really real for lack of a better term. You should add how large the island is, how can you get TO the island. Also I can't tell if this is supposed to be a persistent area, like the Forever Fall Forest for example, or an actual area like Vale with a economy, (possible) religion, relationship with other kingdoms or places, and so on. If you intend to have it be like the forever fall then you don't need behavior or economy but you need more wilderness details. If you intend on it being like Vale, which seems more likely, then you do need much more detail on the people, the hierarchy, the history, the schools, how they relate to other places and things of that nature. My biggest complaint, however, would be the mystical power. Magic or mystical power does not exist in RWBY as far as canon is concerned so that has to be removed. On the off chance you were referring to semblances then you will need to remove the unfair advantage since everyone has a semblance. In total you need more definitive details and more detail in general.

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Naok Nahsiw
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