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 Shiki Zenchi

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PostSubject: Shiki Zenchi   Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:22 am

"Hear the words of the almighty omniscience!"


Name: Shiki Zenchi (Original name: Eri Takanashi)

Age: 19  (Born on the seventh day of the Ninth Month)

Gender: Female


Golden Gears:

Occupation: Student at Beacon Academy, Third Year/ Freelancer


Shiki Zenchi is a pale, dark-haired girl that stands at a height of 5’5” and has a thin structure. Her hair is worn in a bob with bangs that hang loosely over her forehead. She wears a white patch on her left eye while her right eye with its red iris is exposed. Behind her eyepatch is a glass green eye. She wears what looks like a private school’s uniform with a black vest, red bow and blue skirt. Her shoes are metal leggings a few inches below the knee designed to turn into wheels (but half the size of the wheels in the image). These wheels can halve themselves and latch onto the back while the top of the wheels turn into shoes. She wears a pair of fingerless gloves with touch screens on them for when she wants to attach to her weapon.

On her waist she has a heavy-duty belt that allows for her weapons to hook on.




Shiki is a taciturn individual who likes to spend her time sewing and working on her weapons.  She tends to keep to herself and will only talk if prompted to by others. Shiki is highly intelligent but isn’t very cautious about how social interactions should go, making her seem blunt and aloof.  Her calm demeanor allows her to not be overtaken by her emotions. She does, however, develop strong bonds with people she feels she can trust and will make her way to help them in their time of need. Despite to having a seemingly rough exterior, Shiki has childlike tendencies wherein she can become extremely curious about things she’s never seen before, is very polite and appreciates simple things. Among her hobbies is reading, sketching and sewing small thing such as mending stuffed toys or making little plush pillows.


Due to her weapons and fighting style, Shiki is able to deliver powerful and heavy-damaging blows against her opponents, giving her the upper hand against those who have little or no armor and duly counteract weapons of smaller size (e.g. thin swords, knives, blades).  Shiki’s weapons also make her highly proficient with close-quarter combat and long-range combat making her able to adapt to the situation at hand. The wheels on her feet allow her to move at a considerable speed, somewhat lifting the problem of her cumbersome weapons from slowing her down too much.  Shiki’s intelligence allows her to look for her opponent’s weakness and also to analyze how their weapons work. Her semblance allows her power-up her weapons to an extent, minimizing the wastage of Dust. Though Shiki has only minimal chest armor, she can block attacks with her weapons to a degree. The enhancement made to her bones allow her to carry more than an average girl (three times the normal stength) and can makes her durable. Though she'll be vulnerable to wounds and bleeding, she can't suffer from fractures. Because of training her semblance, Shiki can control relatively well how much aura she releases and not wearing out her semblance.


Though Shiki has the strength to carry her weapons with ease and her wheels allow her to move fast enough, she is still considerably disadvantaged against  extremely swift opponents, being harder to hit and also harder to defend against.  Her weapons take time to deliver a blow when in close combat and her artillery will work with full accuracy on immobilized opponents.  Shiki is also disadvantaged when it comes to fighting against proficient Dust magic users.  The weight of her weapons and the wheels on her shoes do not allow Shiki to jump very high and she has to rely on the fuel of her jetpack to keep her lifted. Shiki is also very vulnerable without her weapons. Having trained with these weapons alone, she is poor in hand-to-hand combat and trying to adjust to new weapons if hers aren’t available.

Semblance: Electric Influx

Shiki’s semblance allows her to generate considerable amounts of electricity in the raw form of currents. Freely flowing, the electricity can lash out in a small dome surrounding her of a 5m radius. The electricity is enough to electrocute a person and, if held long enough (15 seconds) can render them unconscious. Shiki can use her semblance to generate a complementary energy source to her Dust source and, aided by it, can let out much more powerful shocks (similar to electric dust attacks rendered by weapons). It takes around 3-5 seconds for her to fully generate the electric radius.

Shiki is good at controlling her semblance’s source and doesn’t wear it out, immediately. However, in long battles and consistent use of it with the cannon form of her weapon, she can drain out within 20 to 30 minutes.

Shiki’s semblance relies heavily on her emotional control and in the rare times she panics, gets mad or stressed, she cannot readily shut it out.

Sincer her semblance revolves around energy, she can affect electric sources or items within her radius, causing them to short circuit or burst. She will also become immune to electrocution herself and can absorb the outside electricity sources but cannot add them to her own power as she can with the dust in her weapons.


First Weapon

Name:  Dark Orson

When not in use, the Dark Orson appears as two relatively large, black metal teddy bears hanging at the sides of Shiki’s belt. Transformation time between forms takes approximately 3 seconds.

Primary Form: Fighting Claws

Dark Orson is a pair of thick, obsidian fighting gloves that are about four-times the size of a normal hand. The teddy bears at Shiki’s sides will transform when her gauntlets allow it to activate. The heads of the bears will make an opening for her to slip her hands in while the limbs will turn into four large clawed metal fingers. Made of strong and sturdy material, it can withstand heavy blows without breaking  and are sturdy enough to withstand recoil from average blows (e.g. a strike from a sword) and receives minimal recoil to stronger blows (e.g. large hammers, axes). Considerably heavy, the Dark Orson can deal strong blows and is aided by the mini rocket exhausts fueled by Dust to propel it. With Shiki’s semblance, the Dark Orson can conduct electricity and deliver heavy shocks to a person.

Secondary Form: Shock cannons

Dark Orson can transform from gloves to small cannons with firing holes about six-inches in diameter.  Using her semblance as well as a Dust source, she can generate electric balls and shoot them out against her opponents, dealing not only paralysis but heavy damage. The shock cannons, due to source limitations, can fire around 20 rounds (10 per cannon) at fast rates, though she has to pre-charge both cannons for fifteen seconds, if not charging in between at three seconds.


Originally fighting gauntlets created by her foster mother, Risa, Shiki used her skills in order to fashion them into a more advanced weapon. They take the form of teddy bears in memory of her two brothers, Kyo and Tai.


Name:  Shiro Kuma

Shiki carries along with her what looks like a white metal backpack in the form of a teddy bear’s head. It takes approximately 5 seconds to transform.

Primary Form: Armor and Jetpack

When activated, Shiro Kuma can unfold and use its metal plating to cover Shiki’s torso and pad her shoulders, creating a kind of chest armor to keep her vital organs from being hit. At the same time, two rocket boosters are revealed and with the help of her semblance and dust source, she aviate through the air at the maximum of seven feet for an extension of thirty minutes.


Shiki created Shiro Kuma from other spare parts from Risa’s workroom and it is named after her old white teddy bear, Kuma.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiki Zenchi   Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:05 pm

Looks good to me. +1


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PostSubject: Re: Shiki Zenchi   Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:52 pm

The chemist me wants to deny you solely because "Xenon metal" but the rest of your profile is great, so the issue is negligable.

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PostSubject: Re: Shiki Zenchi   

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Shiki Zenchi
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