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 Official Police 'Business' [OPEN]

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PostSubject: Official Police 'Business' [OPEN]   Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:54 pm

Inside of a small cafe, everything is peaceful. Two men at the counter. One reading the local news paper and enjoying his coffee, the other enjoying a coffee as well and having a small pastry. It is a Sunday mid-morning in the city of Vale and most people are off for the day because of the fact that it is Sunday. The seats in the room have a few people here-and-there so the place is not very crowded. The room suddenly holds one more person, though. He was a young man that looked to be a student in the academies for people with huntsman aspirations, judging from the fact that he had firearms when he walked in, around 10 minutes ago, and removed them and hung them over his jacket when he sat down. The boy had been eating a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles and drinking his own coffee. He had arrived just after the man at the counter with the pastry and seemed to finish his refreshments at a much quicker, but natural, pace. After that, the boy had gone up to the manager's office and entered for a couple minutes. He had had a discussion with the owner of the cafe and then walked back to his seat, where he put his belt back on and snapped the single middle button on his jacket, after slipping it on as well.
After paying, the boy walked over to the man on the left at the counter-the one whom had just finished his pastry and coffee himself-and stood there. He reached into his jacket, pulled something out from the back, and gently set it on the table. It clunks and gets quite the yelp from the man the boy practically hovers over.
"Ralph Warner! I wouldn't of expected a guy like Mr. Ralph Warner to be in a coffee house in the morning! By any chance, would you know what this is?"
His voice trembles out, "A-a re-really really big gun..."
He was really startled by the boy that was half his age.
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Official Police 'Business' [OPEN]
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