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 Dorm Rooms and Flashbacks!

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Dorm Rooms and Flashbacks! Empty
PostSubject: Dorm Rooms and Flashbacks!   Dorm Rooms and Flashbacks! Icon_minitimeSun Feb 16, 2014 2:40 am

Hey guys, weekend news!

A forum for flashbacks has been added, providing a place for people to have stories taking place with your characters in the past. Exciting!

Additionally, the team dorm rooms are going away! We have too many, and its getting out of control and difficult to navigate. We will instead be using a new system of one forum for each class at Beacon. First years, second years, etc. Threads in the dorm area must be labeled with your [TEAM] name.

Examples: [KYNS][Open] Cake time! Or [KYNS][Closed] Cake time!

Labelling them with an Open or closed tag will let people know that they can or cannot join threads if they aren't on your team. If Team Kyanos wants to have a cake party and invites everyone, labelling it open will let people know!

The old dorm rooms will be phased out. If nobody has posted in a team forum for two weeks, the topics will be send to the basket and the forum deleted. This way, people can finish their threads without worrying about losing them.

Team Kyanos: Kirkka Scarlet Olivia Yakolev Nathan Khrysos Sacha Cichlid
Other Things: Kaali Charen Alban Skyn Event/Moderator
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Dorm Rooms and Flashbacks!
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