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 The Agraphalla Jungle

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PostSubject: The Agraphalla Jungle   Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:25 pm

The Agraphalla jungle is a near completely uninhabited island far off the coast and south of Vale. The island itself is quite large, roughly the size of Vale's industrial district and almost completely overrun by large jungle trees. The climate is very moist and warm with common rain showers and the occasional thunderstorm. The island is commonly used by Hunters and Hunters in training as a place of training and combat. It is easily accessible by a ferry that runs a course there and back two times a day. One in the morning, and one at night. The riders may take the one in the morning there and leave with the one at night or they may take the one at night there and leave in the morning or any combination they like. The ferry is a fairly cheap ride to the island. A more expensive ride is the option of riding in an airship to the highest Plateau for the day or night. However if the schedule of the airship is missed the passengers must make their way down the plateau and to the dock area.


The Docks - The only human inhabited area of the island is a small port for the ferry to make stops. The area includes the docks, a refueling station, a small sleeping quarters area, and a food and water provisions area. The entire dock area is encased in a large clear metal dome that has a retractable gate for the ferry to enter and leave that, when closed, reaches to the floor of ocean along with the rest of dome. Once a day, even if a ferry had arrived that day, the gate is opened for one hour in order to ventilate the area, expelling the old air and bringing in fresh air. It also has a smaller gate at the edge of land that can open via a password that is given to each and every passenger, regardless if they came on ferry or airship. The door automatically closes within one minute of being opened.

Lake Hellblau - A small lake based on top of the smallest plateau where a large amount of the rain water accumulates, forming the lake. A smaller river leading away from the lake and out to the edges of the plateau create the several waterfalls falling  of the island. The lake itself is a light shade of blue with nothing notable in the direct vicinity.

Plateau Fuensanta - 1,574 feet (479 meters). The smallest of the plateaus. It has a small and unstable carved pathway up to the top of the plateau with trees and other flora sprouting out of the rocky wall. Easily scalable.

Plateau Asa - 5,673 feet (1,729 meters). The second largest of the plateaus. While having a rocky and generally unstable rise to it, the very top of the plateau is strangely flat, and less densely packed with trees. Difficult to scale.

Plateau Silvanas - 10,764 feet (3,280 meters). The largest and the oldest of the plateaus. Silvanas is a rocky and dangerous plateau that features the more densely packed trees on the island atop it’s peak area. There is no path leading up to the top of Silvanas and it is almost inaccessible unless by airship. Dangerous and nearly impossible to scale.

The Glaucous River - The Glaucous River is the main river which snakes through most of the island. At its deepest, nearest to its source at the waterfalls, it is 421 feet (128 meters) in depth and, on average, 126 feet (38 meters) in width. The river is mostly covered from most light by the treetops extending into the open space above it. The water itself is murky, dark, and full of Grimm.

The Caves  - There are several caves burrowed into the bases of the plateaus as well as a few scattered about the jungle. None of the caves are very deep or far back, however they are commonly used to take cover from thunderstorms or for shelter at night. Take heed, however, as the local Grimm of the area use it as shelter as well, and they aren’t keen on giving up their territory.


Due to the climate of the island and the fact that it is an island, the Agraphalla jungle is subject to intense and common rainfalls. These rainfalls can last anywhere from an hour to days however they aren’t as bad as the thunderstorms that the rainfalls have the possibility to turn into. As it is an island, lightning strikes are a great danger during this time and can strike down trees or, if striking in the right place, knock out the power to dome protecting the docks, forcing the gate to emergency open so that someone can exit the dome and fix the power circuits. As it is an island it is subject to the possibility of hurricanes (Typhoons or Cyclones in other parts of the world) without much warning, causing severe winds to knock down trees, the river to flood over, and occasionally a rock slide off of one of the plateau. The plateaus are the most dangerous place to be when these events occur.


Local Grimm include: 
Arashel(Open to use if you ask the creator how to RP them. Creator: SentientSnake)
(Small) Boarbatusks(Open to everyone)
Cariboore(Open to use if you ask the creator how to RP them. Creator: Aphrodisiac)
King Taijitu(Open to everyone)
Leapmafoo(Open to use if you ask the creator how to RP them. Creator: BillyD3Kidd)
(More can and will be added as they are made and put into threads by myself and others. )

Jungle floor reference:

Glaucous River reference:

Plateau reference:

Cave entrance reference:

Hellblau Lake and river leading to waterfall reference:

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PostSubject: Re: The Agraphalla Jungle   Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:55 pm

So I guess we should do this. Finally. >_>

Approved +1?
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The Agraphalla Jungle
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