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 Talen de l'Eglantine

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PostSubject: Talen de l'Eglantine   Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:08 am


Name: Talen de l’Eglantine  


Born on the 19th day of the 12th month

Gender:  Female


Three red Claw marks across a blue snow flake

Occupation: 3rd  yr Student at Beacon.

Wolverine Faunus
Height: 5’8
Weight:55 kg
Eye Color: Pale white-blue


Talen was born and grew up in a region in the north where winter was long and days were short owing to the location and climate. Forests were common and snow and temperatures rarely rose above 19 degrees, even in summer. Talen was raised by her mother alone and never got to know her father early in life. Whenever she asked about her father her mother, Lilia, never spoke much about him only that he hailed farther south than where they lived. Talen lived a peaceful and simple life with her mother, often playing around in the trees and snow despite it being extremely cold. One day she was climbing a tree and fell down while hitting a sharp rock and cutting her arm open, crying in pain she suddenly started healing and her wound closed up, she would only learn later on that it was her semblance and aura that healed her.  In the following years that passed, around when she was only 10 years old, her mother died of disease but left her favorite scarf to Talen as a keepsake. During her mother’s funeral Talen met her father for the first time and was told that she may either continue to live alone or go along with him to Vale, where he came from.

    Having no choice but to agree she went along saying goodbye to her home and her mother, keeping the scarf she received as her only reminder and remembrance of the place she used to call home.  Talen’s father was a faunus, same as her mother, but hid his identity to most people. He called himself a huntsman and told Talen all about his exploits and adventures, asking forgiveness for never being there for her and for only finding out about her when her mother died. Talen forgave him but also wanted to learn how to fight grimm like her dad did, the stories filling her imagination, and her wild nature becoming more and more determined to be free and adventurous. Training with her father’s fighting style she donned the same type of weapons, claws, and modified them with her dads help to fit her liking. During the next few years while training under her father she was enrolled in Signal Academy and then proceeded to Beacon, being qualified due to her constant training and skill.

Talen is extremely polite to but can also be quite feisty when it comes to doing stuff she wants to do. Being a wolverine faunus, she likes the cold, can be very friendly most of the time but also extremely feral and aggressive when she’s mad. Talen gets embarrassed easily but still keeps her head up high, not letting appearances be the judge of everything and not caring if people discriminate her or not for being a faunus, especially a very uncommon type. Despite being somewhat tough she’s still a bit worrisome at times, especially if it comes to stuff she thinks she can’t handle but if she’s confident of something she likes she tries seeing it through. Talen is extremely ravenous when eating, owing to her nature, but oddly enough due to her metabolism she doesn’t gain weight easily. In battle she is quick to rush right in and is more fearless than most due to her healing ability, when it comes to fighting with people she cares about she’d rather she got hurt than them and try her best to cooperate.

Talen is extremely acrobatic and has superior physical prowess especially when it comes to agility and dexterity. She doesn’t tire easily and being a wolverine-Faunus she has an acute sense of smell as well as cold resistance and increased strength, stamina and speed.  Her semblance allows her to heal most wounds but the more serious the wound is the harder it is to heal. Her semblance gives her increased immunity to foreign substances and compounds such as poisons and the like.

Talen doesn’t like wearing armor because it slows her down, thus making her vulnerable to a lot of attacks. Despite having her semblance she still feels pain. Doesn't possess any ranged weapons. Extremely powerful scents can distract her and depending on how powerful the scent, could render her unconscious. Her semblance can easily heal her wounds but the exhaustion on her body caused by the wound remains.

Talen’s semblance allows her to heal most superficial wounds easily and faster than normal aura. Her healing speed depends on how much aura she uses to heal. The more serious the wound the harder it is to heal and the longer it takes. Example: A small cut from a blade would take around 3 seconds to fully heal, a long, deep cut around 2 inches deep can be healed in around 20 seconds but uses way more aura, organ damage such as internal organs or bones could take hours or days to heal completely given she doesn’t pass out and she doesn’t exhaust her aura.


Name: Logan and Lilia
Black Bracer - Logan – Right arm ; White Bracer - Lilia – Left arm
Identical bracers save for color that have 3 retractable claws/blades and dust compartments that slide into place the back of the weapon. Each blade is about 10 inches long and made of an extremely tough alloy (if it exists in rwbyverse- titanium-osmium alloy) so it can handle tough blows and can cut through concrete given enough force.  Dust selection is manipulated by finger mechanisms which slide into place as the bracer is put on and can also be used to control how many claws are retracted or released from the bracer. One compartment also contains an anticoagulant which can be used to coat the blade and cause excessive bleeding for an enemy. Talen can also use the claws for climbing and scaling tall structures.

Dust Attacks:

Claws of Fire - uses fire dust (duh?)- claws are engulfed in flames allowing her to burn opponents or objects, special insulation in the bracers protect Talen from getting burned.

Claws of Ice - uses ice dust - allows Talen to freeze stuff

Claws of Lightning -Electric dust- same concept as the rest except electricity, Bracers are also insulated against electrical current that may pass into the user.

Claws of Power(?) -Kinetic dust-  gives power to an attack or also for defense

Talen, being taught by her father’s fighting technique, also used her father’s weapon type and with his help, designed it to her liking. The multiple other functions such as dust use were added when she attended signal since it was required they made they own weapon. She named each bracer after one of her parents, the black bracer being named after her father whilst the white one after her mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Talen de l'Eglantine   Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:34 pm

I like it, approved 1/2.

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PostSubject: Re: Talen de l'Eglantine   Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:39 pm

Seems fine to me. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Talen de l'Eglantine   

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Talen de l'Eglantine
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