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 Ronald (Ron) Rouge

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PostSubject: Ronald (Ron) Rouge   Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:05 pm


Name: Ron Rouge (French for red)

Age: 17

Gender: male


Appearance: Ron is 5'8" tall, and weighs about 155 lbs. He has messy maroon colored hair and blue eyes. He wears red sneakers and black jeans. He has a mostly black zipper hoody with a red trim along the edge of the hood, waist, and wrists of the hoody. On the top near the front of the hood a small version of his symbol, and on the back of the hoody is a larger version of his symbol. Underneath he has a red t-shirt.


Personality: Ron isn't very social, however if he has a friend he is very loyal to them. He will do anything to not lose a friend. He is very quiet and analytical. He can plan an entire fight before it happens. Ron is also a very easy going person.

History: 2 years earlier, Ron woke up in a forest to a cat licking the side of his face. He woke up with no memory except for his name, age, and date of birth. In just a few minutes he made the cat his friend. However, just then 2 Beowolves attacked them. One of them pins Ron to the ground and the other snatches up the cat. The Beowolf tries to eat the cat, when Ron's eyes turn red and he launches the first beowolf off him and into a tree. He kicks the other one in the stomach and starts to berate him with punches. The one he is currently attacking is knocked out, while the other runs away. After about a minute he calms down and his eyes turn back to blue. He reaches for the cat to see if it is okay, but the cat runs away in fright just as Ron passes out from exhaustion. He wakes up in a small hut on a hill overlooking a village. He starts to leave, but he is stopped by a right hook that comes out of nowhere and hits him in the face. When Ron's eyes stop spinning, he notices that his assailant is a middle-aged woman with dark grey hair. She nags him for not thanking her for saving him from the forest. She says that she wants him to call her Professor Gris. She also says that he has to work for her for a while. Since Ron had nowhere to go, he agreed. After a few days, Ron learned that Gris is a retired Professor from Beacon Academy. He decided to ask her to train him so that he can be better at defending himself. Over the next 2 years (through a vigorous training schedule), Ron became stronger and faster. He was taught of the world around him by Professor Gris, as well as how to fight with and without swords. Also during these 2 years Ron and Gris got on each other's nerves daily. By the end of his 2 years of training, he is able to run for long periods of time and he is also very fast. He became very agile as well and he learned how to use his aura. Finally, he developed his senses greatly so that he could never (or almost never) be caught off guard. Once the 2 years were up Professor Gris recommended Ron for Beacon Academy. When saying goodbye they still got on each other's nerves, but Ron saw the faintest glimpse of a proud smile on Gris' face. Now Ron Rouge is on his way to Beacon where his adventures will start.

Strength: Ron is very agile and he can dodge most attacks. He does not need his weapons to beat weak opponents, but he does need time to slay Grimm creatures. When provoked he can unlock his aura which doubles his strength and speed and turns his eyes red (e.g. vs. the beowolves, except now he doesn't pass out afterwards). He has a high sense of hearing (he can even hear silent projectiles due to the whistle of the wind). He can block projectiles with his aura, but he only uses it for protecting his back.

Weakness: Being social. He has average strength (he can basically carry his own weight). He is only provoked when he can see a friend in danger. Ron is easily knocked off his feet by a large amount of brute force. He cannot (or will not) use his aura to heal himself or others.

Semblance: Ron's semblance is his speed, he can either go for long periods of time of running a decent speed of 8 mph (About my 5k time, but for longer distances; it should be reasonable) or sprinting up to 50 meters in a second (He can't run much farther at this speed.). (Yeah, everyone goes for speed semblance, but I had Ron as a very fast runner before semblances, so I need to include it.)


Name: Cupiditas and Mânie (Latin for Greed and Romanian for Wrath)

Primary Form: Cupiditas and Mânie are two slim double-edged swords made of a light and durable metal. Cupiditas' blade is red, while Mânie's blade is black. When they aren't being used the swords are put in maroon sheathes on opposite sides of Ron's waist. Cupiditas on the right and Mânie on the left, so they can be used with the opposite arm from the side they are on.

Secondary Form/Function: Cupiditas and Mânie combine on the ends of their hilts (sort of like Darth Maul's Light Saber in episode I of Star Wars) into a form called Envidia (Spanish for envy). Envidia is used best for fighting opponents on opposite sides of him.

History: During his 2 years of training, Professor Gris tasked Ron with the job of finding the metal in town and forging the swords himself. The 2 sword fighting style was taught to Ron by Gris because that is what she used before she retired. When building the sword Ron asked Gris if he could add a gun to it. To which Gris gave him another right hook into the face. She said that he could add a separate function but it cannot be gun related. This led to the Envidia form.

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PostSubject: Re: Ronald (Ron) Rouge   Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:18 pm

Nice character, approved! I really like the naming of your weapons as well.

The Scaredy Cat - Isabelle Kyoto

The Armless Wonder - Vivian Palladino

The Quiet Trap - Cassidy Nyanza
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PostSubject: Re: Ronald (Ron) Rouge   Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:28 pm

Pre-edit Copy:

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PostSubject: Re: Ronald (Ron) Rouge   

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Ronald (Ron) Rouge
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