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 RWBYverse's Speculations & Theories thread (by Rajaah) (updating)

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RWBYverse's Speculations & Theories thread (by Rajaah) (updating) Empty
PostSubject: RWBYverse's Speculations & Theories thread (by Rajaah) (updating)   RWBYverse's Speculations & Theories thread (by Rajaah) (updating) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 9:21 am

Good day everyone! Should you were here, you might as well as watching the RWBY series thoroughly once, or twice, or maybe more. And there are some people I can tell, has the exact ambition as mine: Figure out how the Remnant world, as well as the RWBYverse is running, and show it to everyone to make them understand deeper about the series (before Monty "the Alfather" Oum reveals it of course).

First of all, I want to tell you guys that: All of the contents inside this thread (aside from the Facts and the Evidences) are just pure speculations, from pure evidences researchings as proofs. They serve no real meaning beyond that, and their purpose is to make us understand more about this show, and keep our excitement alive about what might come up in the next Volume. Is it true? Does it really work that way? Will it become reality? Time and Monty will tell us. But now, let move to the main course shall we...?

Before the first Theory, I want to tell you how this thread works. First, every week or two, I will declare the Fact that has been confirmed (through various trusted info sources, like Monty himself, and from the show), but it isn't explained clearly, or needs deeper investigation, or just being interesting. Then you guys will discuss about it, and gives the Questions. We will discuss around those Questions here, putting speculations along through the Evidences from the show, and then come up with the Theory that is most likely to be true. The discussions form here should be like this:


Fact: (I'll give the Fact before each Theory, so just put this on while we were discussing about it)

Question: (give your question here, about/around the given Fact)

Discuss / Speculation: (give it all you got, feel free to share, but don't forget to give your Evidences)

Evidences: (where, when, and how, from the very show we watched, or from anything that has deep connection to the show)

Theory: (if you come up with a Theory, write it down, it might be true, more or less)


Feel free to write anything you want, but you should use the form above in order to declare something, as it's easier for us to gather info and build up the Theories. I'll sum them up, and put it on this first post for everyone so they can see and understand deeper about our beloved series.

And here is the 1st one:

Dust's Color:

My answer is Yes, and I have my own evidences and theory too, but I'll leave the discussion to you guys first, and then we will come up with a satisfying conclusion. Let us research the RWBYverse!!
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RWBYverse's Speculations & Theories thread (by Rajaah) (updating)
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