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 The Red Moon Night Club [Open]

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The Red Moon Night Club [Open] Empty
PostSubject: The Red Moon Night Club [Open]   The Red Moon Night Club [Open] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 20, 2014 8:02 pm

[Taking place on Friday of week 11]

Ahh, Friday night! School is done for the week, kids and adults alike have the day off tomorrow, perfect time for some partying. Upon walking near the club, one could hear the music going both loudly and quickly. There was a small line to get in, but it wouldn't take very long to get in. A bouncer stood in front, making sure everyone entering the club was 18 or over (Although a few lien could easily change his mind). The building looked plain from the outside, but upon walking in, a short darkened corridor opened up into a large room with flashing lights and a dance floor with lights flashing underneath it. One would also notice a number of pretty looking waitresses and handsome waiters carrying around platters of cookies and brownies. There was a bar off to the right of the massive room, but a lot of people had gotten a different buzz.

Kai walked into the club, having left her weapon at home. She had changed from her usual attire to something more comfortable, a pair of black short shorts and a loose yellow top. Her faunus features were ignored by most of the people in the club, and it seemed to be a pretty accepting place. As she made her way over to the bar, she was approached by a rather dashing young man with a plate of brownies, which she politely declined, A bit odd that they are handing those out like candy. She thought. She made her way over to the bar and ordered a drink, This seems like a pretty fun place.
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The Red Moon Night Club [Open] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Red Moon Night Club [Open]   The Red Moon Night Club [Open] Icon_minitimeMon Jan 20, 2014 8:06 pm

Will walked in and made his way to the bar. He had been having a lot of fun lately. I need a drink. Maybe some tequila. He took a seat next to a girl in a yellow top. "One catnip tequila." He ordered his drink and waited.
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The Red Moon Night Club [Open]
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