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 Varius Nemaeus

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PostSubject: Varius Nemaeus   Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:27 am

Name: Varius Nemaeus

Age: 20

Gender: Male

A smiling face against a grey background with Umbra behind it. The face has a line running down the middle. One half of the face has the skin shaded with white eyes. The other half has shaded eyes with a white face.

Occupation: Beacon 3rd Year.

6’4” Dull grey eyes and long blond hair. Varius is incredibly muscular from a life of training and swinging his massive weapon. He wears a long black cloak along with armor consisting of vambraces to his elbows, a chest plate, and shin guards.  The armor is grey. Upon first seeing Varius most people just notice his stature and menacing gaze but upon closer inspection they notice lion like ears and large fangs. Along with these features he has a tail and the remains of his claws which he grinded down to a much shorter length for in order to grip his sword more easily.

Varius grew up in a small village near the city of Vale. When he was young his father had huge expectations of him and trained him constantly in order to become a Hunter. Day after day Varius was hit with a barrage of random exercises designed to increase his versatility. Each exercise would be different from the other and Varius had to learn to be flexible with his decisions often changing his entire style just to suit the situation. After some time Varius began to use this adaptability on his personality in order to gain what he wanted. He was kind, menacing, or look like a frightened fool if he had to. The one thing that would always anchor him to his real personality would be his desire to gain an advantage for himself. No matter what he did even if it was helping someone else at was always just so he would find a way to take advantage of the situation and gain some sort of benefit. Early on it was obvious that Varius had what it took to become a great Hunter and he was sent off to learn at Signal. After graduating with top scores, Varius applied to Beacon and was immediately accepted. During his time at Signal Varius would make relationships with people who were part of the White Fang. Once in Beacon these peopel often asked him to join the White Fang but Varisu would refuse knowing he would not be able to be at Beacon and be a member of the White Fang. Varius continued to maintain these relationships and now has connections with the White Fang. Varius considered leaving Beacon and staying with the White Fang but he knew he still could learn from Beacon and grow stronger. He kept his connection to the White Fang a secret and continued to study at Beacon. When Varius was a 3rd year he learned that his cousin had left their village and also enrolled at Beacon aiming to become a Hunter. Thinking his cousin a fool, Varius made it a goal to teach his cousin that he is not cut out for this life and to head back to where he belongs.

Selfish, cocky, prideful and loyal to an extent as long it does not deter his own plans. Varius has learned to change his personality to fit the situation. Only a few see his real personality including Aeden, people from back home, and certain members of the White Fang. Despite his constant switching of personalities Varius makes sure to always have an anchor to his personality. If he ever must act a different way in front of a person it is always to benefit himself in some way. When he is alone, thinking, or around those who already know of his true self he will always show his true self being a selfish, self-centered, manipulator. Despite knowing his team for nearly 3 years Varius still does not have complete trust in them. He respects their ability in battle and would follow consider their opinion important but still has trouble putting their needs in front of his own.

Lion Faunus abilities: massive increase to strength, enhanced hearing, enhanced sense of smell, and night vision. Animalistic instincts and natural ability make him a formidable opponent in battle knowing the perfect moment to strike, block, or counter.

Varius is heavily encumbered. Despite his boost in strength Varius still has trouble moving around quickly caused by the weight of his massive blade and armor. Moving around and swinging the blade is not much of a problem but can quickly tire Varius out if done too recklessly. Varius has a cocky attitude about his ability and has a strong sense of self importance. When combined these two aspects makes Varius underestimate his opponents and believe his plan is the best even if another has a better plan. This behavior also makes teamwork a terrible experience for Varius. Due to his inability to move quickly Varius has a hard time dealing with fast opponents. If his swings continue to miss he will get frustrated and grow reckless.

Semblance: Malleability
Change the shape of non-organic material through physical manipulation.  Limitations include the need to concentrate on what he is shaping and must pump his aura into the object. It takes time and cannot be an instant occurrence. The object cannot be too close to another person as their aura interferes with his. This makes manipulating an opponent’s weapon impossible unless they decided to hand it to him. Material retains its physical properties such as density. Moving around a large rock would still be moving around a large rock. Physically draining, similar to swing his sword around. Whenever Varius makes a big change in the material it is similar to him swing his sword with moderate effort. This leads to him being able to easily tire himself out from overuse.


Primary Weapon Name: Umbra

Primary Form:
Umbra is a large two handed sword nearly the size of Varius himself (5'11" From tip of blade to end of pommel).  The blade is double edged and has a faint line that runs down the middle. Along this line near the guard are three orbs which slightly protrude from the blade. The blade ends at a thick rectangular guard which is followed by a long handle for easy two handed use and a hexagonal pommel with a point at the end.

Secondary Form/Function:
The three orbs represent the three types of dust which are available for use by Varius. Each orb lights up when the corresponding dust is used: fire closest to the guard, lightning in the middle, and repulsion at the end. Varius can change the type being used by rotating the handle in specific direction for each type.  When activated the dust lines the edge of the blade and activates when Umbra makes contact with a surface. Varius can also fire the dust in one burst by swing Umbra with all his might. This attack is hard to aim, easily tires Varius, and depletes a large amount of dust. It is mostly only used as an intimidation factor as opposed to an attack.
When in need for a long range weapon Varius is able to transform Umbra into a type of cannon.  With the proper turning of the handle the guard opens at the bottom and extends toward the ground by a hidden telescopic mechanism.  From there the line on the blade spreads and the lower half’s tip falls to the ground forming a tripod to balance the blade.  Once the lower half opens up a barrel is revealed to be at the center of the blade which extends to nearly the entire length of the blade. In this form Umbra becomes a long range weapon which could fire each type of the dust it carries but with limited use due to its high ammunition demand.   At maximum capacity it would only be able to fire 3 shots of each type. Each shot is fired by Varius pulling back on the handle and with great force moving it back. The handle is able to move after the guard opened up making the firing mechanism impossible in Umbra’s standard form.

Secondary Weapon: Throwing Knives
-Nothing out of the ordinary about them.

Tertiary Weapon: Smoke Bombs
-Should Varius ever need to make an escape he could throw the bomb causing a smokescreen to spread.

When Varius was still in Signal his weapon was a normal sword and shield, after a few months of using the sword he felt it was too light and small for him. Varius wanted something that would have an intimidation factor. After making his decision to have a new weapon he “persuaded” a fellow student to forge a new blade for him and teach him how to modify it. After learning all the other student had to teach Varius took the sword and made the weapon he now carries naming it Umbra.
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PostSubject: Re: Varius Nemaeus   Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:15 pm

Approved +1 of 2.

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PostSubject: Re: Varius Nemaeus   Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:16 pm

Looks good to me. 2/2 and moved.


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PostSubject: Re: Varius Nemaeus   

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Varius Nemaeus
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