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 If the Dust doesn't Kill me First. (open)

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If the Dust doesn't Kill me First. (open) Empty
PostSubject: If the Dust doesn't Kill me First. (open)   If the Dust doesn't Kill me First. (open) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 13, 2014 10:12 pm

Lee sat back in his chair once more. "This was the fifth attempt, and i still can't get this formula correct!" Lee was becoming irritated. The complexity of his latest type of weapon acceleration for Kazoku was still just to difficult. Any more errors and Lee would have the local PD on him faster than anything else. "I need to concentrate, there are more ways to go about this problem". Lee then proceeded to try the test again, one last mixture. Lee took a few steps back, took aim at his target (nothing more than a mere target on the wall) and let Kazoku fly. Many thoughts ran through his head as he watched Kazoku home in on its target; "Could white dust really be the answer to enhanced kinetic attacks? Will this mixture work? Can this REALLY work? Kazoku struck its target, and shattered the wall with a large white flash. Lee couldn't speak. He had finally done it. Even though he had destroyed the wall, he was rather excited, almost giddy." The Grimm will not expect this." Lee was ready. He began posting notices all over town looking for companions to test his new found dust ability with on the Grimm ~

Lee Kangano has called upon 4 Protectors of Vale to assist him in the task of killing the Creatures of Grimm with his experimental "Enhanced Impact"  "HighTemp", "LowTemp", and "HighCharge" Dust mixtures. If any are interested, contact Lee K. with a description of your weapon and your choice of Dust. Testing will be held on another date, after all weapons have been equipped properly.
Best regards,
Lee K.

Lee fell into a deep sleep that night, hoping that some (if any) volunteers would contact him tomorrow.
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If the Dust doesn't Kill me First. (open)
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