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 Claire 'Eclair' Woods

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PostSubject: Claire 'Eclair' Woods   Sat Jan 11, 2014 7:58 am


Name: Claire "Eclair" Woods

Age: 21

Gender: Female (Husky Faunus)

Symbol: -

Occupation: Worker at Finnigan Pizzas, Huntress

Claire has relatively short but spiked red hair, with a pair of black dog ears (usually hidden amongst the hair by pins). She has one blue and one brown eye, although publically she uses a blue eye contact to cover the brown one up. She also has a medium-length tail on her back, which she usually keeps in place with a corset. Casually, she wears a vest and shorts with a headband on her forehead. At work she wears a maid outfit. She has the height of an average 21 year old female though keeps more teenage looks and a slick body shape.

History: Claire was born to a Faunus family of Huntsmen in the northern Kingdom of Varice. Her family, having been attending the Deus Academy, also wanted her to attend and excel, but her homeschooling didn't go very well - Claire was always a carefree girl who always managed to move from training to playing with her toys in minutes. Her parents were really unhappy with how she didn't stick to the family training, so they did research on her toys and came to a conclusion that they could train her without her realising it. Seeing as she was already proficient with a yoyo, they decided to experiment to see if they could use that as a way for her to fight and, sure enough it turned out they could.

Claire spent most of her life before entering Deus Academy 'playing' with her yoyo in various ways before finally passing a combat evaluation exam and entering the academy. There she became somewhat of a laughing stock for fighting with a yoyo before knocking out four guys in a fight. These didn't really forget the humiliation as they got to calling her a bitch for genetic reasons and generally giving her a bad name, despite family reputation. Claire, met with mostly disapproval from other students, went on to act somewhat bitchy to those who'd be negative towards her. She was a member of Team SORW but she never really got around to doing many things in a team, sticking to playing around with toys and soon after, video games. Despite her seeming seclusion she was somewhat nice towards them once they warmed up to each other.

Upon graduation, the team mostly split off and lost contact with each other. Claire's family insisted on her continuing family tradition and hunting for Grimm with them but she was already sick of that talk by that point. She wanted to go elsewhere in the world, explore someplace new, and so she applied for an occupational transfer to the Kingdom of Vale. She was declined due to the influx of Hunters in the area, but that didn't stop her as she went on to try less-legal means of travelling there. While those means were a way of getting there, they DID carry some consequences with them.

Her travel wasn't the most comfortable as it turned out the men offering the 'trip' were in fact Faunus traffickers. And so, once Claire got to Vale she ended up at an event where she was going to most probably be sold into servitude of some rather illegal-looking people. However, she was instead instead 'bought' by Adell Finnigan, who immediately after offered to free her out of his good will, even saying that he could get her a job and home. Albeit slightly surprised and suspicious, she was greatful that he didn't seem to have any malicious intentions towards her and took up on his offer, working under him in his pizza shop, happy to be able to.

Personality: Claire can be a somewhat cold and mean person on the outside, as is the default for most people who she meets or talks to. She can be rather blunt and not nice on initial meeting, but as one would get to know her she can warm up to a person with some ease, becoming somewhat more interested but retaining the elements or her 'meanness' but in a more playful way. An avid gamer, Claire enjoys bets and challenges and will usually carry around a game of some sort to occupy herself with if there is nothing else to do, and sometimes share attention with other things even if there IS something to do. While not a crazy spender, she enjoys shopping and finding new things in general. She also has a keen eye and interest in detail, and very specific things can astonish or annoy her.

Strength: Acrobatic, fast, good with her hands (good enough to use a yoyo as a weapon effectively)

Weakness: Weak physically, low endurance without any armor on, provokable

Semblance: Active Armor - Claire's semblance allows her to replicate the molecules of a certain element and coat her skin with it. For example, by touching copper she can use it to cover her skin. She can only replicate as much material as there is - therefore, for example, she can't use one coin to cover her entire body. The amount of material she can cover herself with gives her a limit on how long she can wear it - 1 minute in full armor, 10 minutes for a whole limb and 30 minutes for a smaller part of her body, like a hand or a foot. After the time limit, the skin covered becomes irritated for a while and rearmoring it makes it extremely painful. After a second coating the skin suffers burns and cannot be coated over until it's back to normal.


Name: Cradle

Primary Form: Cradle is a big yoyo (size of a regular frisbee and width of two regular yoyos) which is made of steel with tires on the edges to roll on, uses stainless steel cable instead or normal string and instead of a loop to put a finger through it has a small, adjustable shackle for Claire's fingers and a simple release switch instead of a keyhole, with a few additional buttons to control the electrical motors inside the yoyo itself, allowing Claire to pull it back or drive it forward with more control. There is 6 feet worth of cable on the yoyo

Secondary Form: Parts of the sides of the yoyo slide outwards, past the tires (without puncturing them) and instead use the motors to spin like a buzzsaw, switching to cutting enemies instead of just hitting them hard. The buzzsaw 'blades' are hooked on one side, meaning that driving them backwards gets them dig into a surface and can even pull Claire along.

Tertiary Form: -

History: Built during training at her family home, when her father found a 'solution' to Claire playing with her toys instead of working with weapons. Later upgraded by Claire.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire 'Eclair' Woods   Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:32 pm

I'm okay with it as is. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Claire 'Eclair' Woods   Sat Jan 11, 2014 11:58 pm

Could probably use more in Strengths and Weaknesses, but everything else looks fine. Approved.

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PostSubject: Re: Claire 'Eclair' Woods   

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Claire 'Eclair' Woods
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