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 Icarus Nuvola

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PostSubject: Icarus Nuvola   Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:35 am


Name: Icarus Nuvola

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Occupation: Airship Pilot, Smuggler

Appearance: Standing at 6’ 1’’ and weighing 170 lbs, Icarus is a thin and lean, but rugged man. His facial hair and body hair is light brown, his eyes are brownish green. On his head, Icarus has no hair beyond a short beard, his head hair was burnt off long ago, Icarus covers his head with a black bandana. While working, Icarus wears a dark grey button up shirt, dark khaki pants and black work boots, covered by a long brown duster coat reaching to his knees. Under his clothes, Icarus’s entire back and the backs of his arms and neck and the top of his head are covered in severe burn scars.

Personality: Icarus is the kind of man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He is a hard worker and a mature and responsible businessman and captain. Though, he still giggles at the word "duty". Despite all his efforts to be as adult a man as possible, Icarus is still a child at heart. He is known to make uninformed decisions and act without thought. Fortunately, Cherry helps to cover his own blundering, though this can lead to them butting heads for control. Icarus himself is a bit of a control freak, he left his previous job to be his own boss, he has trouble taking orders and letting other people lead.

History: As a boy, Icarus was always looking up, always dreaming about the sky and the clouds. One of his first memories was being on an airship with his parents, he loved the feeling of being in the air. On his 14th birthday, his father took him hang gliding; that was when it started. He was hooked, anything to get up in the air, to feel like he was flying again. Skydiving, jumping on a trampoline, zip-lining, finding any excuse to be on an airship. One wouldn't be able to count the number of times Icarus broke a bone thanks to him jumping off of something. Eventually, Icarus became too good at falling. He began to get too confident, too cocky. He'd make bets with his friends to prove how skilled he was. Eventually, it all came back to bite him in the rear. It was an abandoned factory for his father's company, Helios Industries, a dangerous place, given his company's lax waste disposal procedures. Icarus was stacking unmarked drums to make an obstacle course for himself. The drums were mostly empty, but fate is cruel, and Icarus made a jump that even he was unsure of and he slipped, tipping over one of the only full drums on himself. Almost immediately, the liquid ignited into a chemical fire all over Icarus's back, the fire took his skin and flesh, but the poisonous material seeped into his bones, degrading his nerves and leaving him paralyzed, scarred, and mostly blind. Icarus's father blamed himself for his son's fate and drove his company nearly bankrupt pouring money into the development of something that could return his son to health. Eventually, after 28 failed attempts, the Lateral Ambulation and Locomotion system was successfully created and installed. For the first time in 5 years, Icarus walked and saw and felt without pain once more. Since then, Icarus has tried to make up his failure to his father by doing his best. He learned to pilot airships, he got a job as a pilot, traveling all around Remnant until he decided to start his own company.

Semblance: Undiscovered, probably never will.

Strengths: Thanks to Cherry, Icarus's senses are tuned extremely; depending on the level of focus, Icarus's senses can reach superhuman levels. Cherry can pump power into Icarus's muscles, giving him a boost of strength; this runs the risk of breaking his own bones with his strength. Cherry can store several terabytes worth of information on her own hard drives, as well as being able to pull information from the internet.

Weaknesses: While in wing form, the system lacks its normal armor and can be damaged very easily by electricity or water. Icarus's own fearlessness and personality means that he often jumps head first into danger without any sort of strategy. If Cherry decides to act up, Icarus may lose motor functions or eyesight if she is trying to gain control; this means that Icarus can become vulnerable very easily.


Name: Chariot VAL-29 NES, The Vertical Ambulation and Locomotion-29th attempt Nerve Enhancement System, nicknamed "Cherry"

Primary form: Grafted to his spine and central nervous system, "Cherry" as "she" has come to be called, is a system of computers and artificial nerves to allow Icarus to move and sense. The system is controled by Chariot, a hyper advanced artificial intelligence that is linked to Icarus's mind via the VAL-29 NE system. Cherry can relay information to Icarus, store memory, control motor and sensory functions, and is capable of basic emotion and some creative thought. Cherry possesses a female voice and communicates to Icarus through his senses, usually hearing or sight, or inside his head.

Secondary form: The VAL-29 NE system is housed mainly on Icarus's spine and brainstem, though his entire upper back is shielded metal. This is primarily for protection, but hides an impressive secondary function: the metal shielding can open and spread outward, forming two large, but lightweight, wings. While the system has no methods of lifting or propelling Icarus by itself, the wings can be used for gliding or slowing descent. The wings are not particularly dangerous unless you are made of sponge cake or loose dirt, but they can be used to kick up decent gusts of wind, scattering dirt and dust to act as a distraction.

Personality: As time has progressed, Cherry has developed her own personality through experience and copying. Cherry is mostly logical and calculating, but has been known to show signs of happiness, anger, and jealousy. While Cherry is genderless, she herself chose to use a female voice and considers herself female by her own choice. Cherry does not like risks or anything that can be left to chance, a stark contrast to Icarus's own behavior; this often leads to arguments, all of which Icarus loses, thanks to Cherry's control over his senses, muscles, and her own superior intellect. For reasons unknown to Icarus and Cherry's creator, Cherry has a distinct distrust of the number "111"

History: Developed by Helios Industries, the VAL-29 NE system was created as a secret project, lead by Dr. Marcus Daedal and a team of his top subordinates. After 28 failed attempts at creating a system to restore Icarus's nerves and motor functions, the team made a breakthrough and Chariot was born. She was installed into the system and then grafted to Icarus's nervous system where they met for the first time and Icarus walked again.
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The Scaredy Cat - Isabelle Kyoto

The Armless Wonder - Vivian Palladino

The Quiet Trap - Cassidy Nyanza
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus Nuvola   

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Icarus Nuvola
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