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PostSubject: Schrödinger   Sun Jan 05, 2014 5:04 pm


Height: 5'
Weight: 99lbs
He is a cat faunus with black cat ears, a black cat tail and feline like teeth. He usually wears a yellow dress shirt, a black tie, short black shorts, black knee high socks, black combat boots and white gloves. This is usually when he is around his master though, when he is relaxing he usually wears whatever is comfortable. Schrodinger is also a master of disguise and wears many different disguises seamlessly, even those of the opposite gender. He is very girly and is often mistaken for a girl, his voice is also very high pitched furthering his girly appearance.
Schrödinger was born in a distant country in one of the other continents in Remnant, this country spoke a different language to the common language of Vale which Schrödinger can still speak. Schrödinger does not remember having any family, he was born homeless and wandered the streets as a tramp. Schrödinger lived like this until he was 12 when he was found by a man. He was taken in from the streets and given his name with the price of having to serve under the man as a servant. Schrödinger accepted this offer and has lived as a servant for 2 years now, doing normal servant activities for him along with spying and mercenary work.
One day Schrödinger was "just on a stroll" (sent on a mission by his master) when he saw Seras Victoria getting snuck up on by an enemy mercenary who she was also on a mission against. Schrödinger killed the mercenary with his knife and saved Seras' life, Seras repaid him by quitting her current mercenary company and joining to work with him, something he thinks she regrets, much to his amusement.
Schrödinger is very friendly but can sometimes be annoyingly too friendly, he can sometimes follow people around annoying them to try and be their friends. Schrödinger enjoys annoying others, he will try and make others angry for fun, especially Seras who he is usually paired with on missions. Schrödinger is very sly and sneaky, he can manipulate people to do his bidding or to gain information which helps with the fact that he is usually performing spying activities. He also sometimes speaks in his native language to emphasise things or generally confuse people. He is proud of his faunus heritage and never hides his features unless he needs to for a disguise.
Schrödinger is a master of disguise and can take on a new personality almost seamlessly, he is very stealthy and can sneak through the shadows, he is also very agile and can climb, dodge and do many other activities quite quickly. His semblance is good for sneaking around and spying on people too. At least his weapon is silent.
He is not very well built and can't take much damage, before being incapacitated. His childish nature of annoying people can also make people very angry at him meaning he is disliked a lot, his semblance can only teleport him to places he can picture in his head meaning he has to have seen the place before to create an image, he can't simply teleport to the other side of a door as he has no idea of what is on the other side of it and can't picture it in his head. He also doesn't have the best of weaponry.
His semblance is the ability to teleport to anywhere he can picture in his head, for example he would picture himself 5 feet in front of himself in his head and then he would be 5 feet in front of himself. The problem with this is that he can only teleport to places he can picture meaning he has to have seen the place before to picture it, he can't simply teleport into the villain's lair as he has no clue what it looks like and can't form an image of it. He also needs to be able to concentrate so if his concentration is broken while trying to picture a place in his head nothing will happen and he will remain still, this uses his aura up quite quickly too meaning he has to recharge often. The more vivid his memory of a place is then the less time it takes him to create the image in his head, for example if imagining his house he could create an image fairly quickly due to knowing it well, but if trying to imagine a place he's only seen once in his life then it takes him longer, sometimes up to minutes. The longer the distance he teleports the more aura he uses up which can get costly very quick.

Primary Form:
A long knife with the words "Meine Ehre heißt Treue" (My honour is loyalty in his native language) engraved along the blade, not much of a weapon but it is mainly sentimental as he has had it for as long as he can remember.
Has had it as long as he can remember, has no clue where it came from.

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PostSubject: Re: Schrödinger   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:24 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Schrödinger   Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Schrödinger   

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