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 Seras Victoria

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PostSubject: Seras Victoria   Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:00 pm


Name:Seras Victoria
Names Meaning:Blood Victory
Race:Faunus (Bat)


Eye Color:Blue/Red (Evil personallity)
Hair color length and style:Short Blonde
Height:5 foot 2 inches
Build:voluptuous figure
Scars:A circular scar where she was shot in the gut and another cluster of smaller circular scar's around her left shoulder


Personality:Seras is a strong willed girl, and had always been since childhood. Seras will often act like tomboy; a very brave, strong and heroic. sometimes not following orders of those who do not pay the correct price or she has no respect for.However, she is a loyal and trustworthy mercenary who follows the orders of employer's, if the price is right or there is respect between them, and her team members. She is still a lover of fun and act's like a child at time's with immature behaviour or comment's. She work's well alone or with a team, although she doesn't believe in friends only team members and people you've met. she is also very sly and cunning, using deceit to her advantage. When she does use her semblance and she loses control she will often drink the blood of the wounded enemies or consume their flesh. She developed a second, evil and chaotic personality which is allowed out when she activates her semblance. Her evil persoanllity will occasionally take over her body even when she hasn't acitivated her semblance, her evil personallity is unpredictable when controlling her body and not in a blood rage. The evil personallity will often challenge Seras's decisions and argue with her, be it outloud or in her head.

Favourite Food's:Fruit, Meat, Blood


History:Seras was born into a regular, middle class family. Her father was a police officer and her mother a . She had no brothers or sisters and was happy to be a only child as she liked the attention she got from her parent's. Her life had been pretty normal up until the age of nine. One night her father was tailed by a group mysterious of military looking men. When her father got into the house the smashed out the front window and climbed in whilst simultaneously smashing the back door down with a sledge hammer. Her mother hid Seras under the bed and told her not to move from that spot, she then went off to see what was going on.

Warning this part is relatively gruesome:

After those event's Seras was put into a children's home. Nobody adopted her and this had a effect on her. She began practising fighting techniques and how to use her aura wisely but most important to her training, controlling her semblance, as usually when it is activated she becomes a unstoppable, un controllable killing machine. Not much happened then until she was 17; she was rejected from beacon for being too aggressive and not either coming from a heroic background, showing that she is a able bodied fighter or having a education from a well known combat school. This led her to believe all of her dream's were crumbling around her, she activated her semblance in her anger and began a blood rage, she killed everyone in the children's home and decided she couldn't go back to being normal and fled. She decided that if she couldn't be a huntress she would be a freelancer, working for no-one yet anyone. Her semblance and aura changed that day, it became chaotic and evil causing her to have wild mood swing's from the evil side trying to get out.

Only a short time after she became a freelancer she was on a lone wolf mission when she stumbled upon another mercenary group consisting of a young boy and his master. The young boy had saved her from being killed by stabbing the man who had surprised her with a his knife. He then introduced himself as Schrodinger and they have been working together ever since with his master as a group although she sometimes regrets it with schrodinger being annoying.

Family:Father: Seras' father, a police officer, was a target by many local organised crime units. The group he had gotten information on followed him back to his home and brutally murdered him when she was just 9 years old.
Mother: Her mother hid Seras under a bed and then confronted the criminals seeing Seras's father brutally murdered, the criminals immediately killed her as well with the same meat clever as they had killed her father with.
Family Symbol::
Education:She has basic maths and writing skills as most of her education was poured into fighting techniques and aura techniques, however her reading is very good. She has not attended any schools and taught herself from books. She can also speak a little bit of Schrodinger's native language.


Strength:She had sonar. she can also see perfect colour but has moderate visual acuity and she can also see in the dark. Her sharp teeth are also very useful especially when she uses her semblance. She is cool and level headed. She uses her anger to power her semblance. She is strong willed. Her weapon's have her covered from short - long range combat. Strong and can lift a, above average weight.
Weakness:Her semblance is very volatile and can be set off by one wrong sentence. When her semblance is active she has no regard for self preservation and will make irrational choices. She isn't very strong bodied. She has multiple personalities one of which is pure evil and chaotic and is called Yumie.


Name:Anti-Midians rifle
Primary Form:A regular rifle, it fire's 13.7mm rounds. It is semi-automatic and has two different magazine's that a able to be used with this rifle; a 10 round magazine of 13.7mm explosive rounds or her regular 36 drum magazine of her regular 13.7mm rounds. It has a deployable bi-pod for a more stable shot, although it is already a highly accurate weapon. She may also attach a bayonet to the end of the rifle which make the rifle a little bit less accurate due to the extra weight.
Used for:All types of combat as it is a very versatile weapon
History:A weapon she obtained not long after leaving the safety of the children's home. She stole it from the home of a hunter when they were not there. She later used it to help obtain the illegally obtained parts for both Harkonnen I and Harkonnen II. She still uses it when fighting low armoured target's or group's of people.

Name:Harkonnen I
Primary Form:A heavy rifle designed to rip through flesh, armour and even wall's. it fire's 30mm rounds which make it useful for dispatching large enemies one at a time due to it not having a belt or a magazine and being a bolt action rifle instead.
Used for:short to long range combat although sometimes she will use it to fire her high calibur rounds through several enemies at once although the rounds she uses require to be fired a longer distance to become more deadly the rounds have more penetrative power up close. Seras predominantly uses Harkonnen I more often the Harkonnen II as it is more accurate and versatile.
History:Harkonnen I is Seras's first weapon and her favourite choice in weapon and most used weapon. She created the weapon from part's she obtained some legally other's illegally. She first started to build the weapon just after she was moved to the children's home after her parent's were brutally murdered, she built it as a overkill revenge weapon. She first used it to annihilate the gang which had murdered her parents and left her with several scars, some mental some physical.

Name:Harkonnen II
Primary Form:Harkonnen II is much like the Harkonnen I one except it is connected to a backpack, it has the same firepower as a small tank or armoured personnel carrier although its as clumsy as a drunk. Due to there being two 30mm 'Hand cannons' they are made of a lighter material so they are able to be held with a single hand without problems, yet they still pack the same punch. The loading system has changed to allow fully automatic capabilities.
Used for:Short to medium range engagements due to its recoil making it useless against far away targets. It is also used as a highly defensive weapon as it makes Seras sluggish. Her third choice in weapon.
History:Harkonnen II was created for the three purposes of defending a location without the need of support, to lay down fire to assist her team and to take down armoured targets with moderate ease. It was created when she was 18 and is made out of all illegally obtained part's, as money for her was tight. The weapon is in a experimental phase although it is ready for combat, it hasn't been combat tested.

Semblance:Blood Rage: Blood rage is what Seras can use to improve her speed and strength however she loses the ability to think rationally and it turns her into a 'blood thirsty monster' due to her letting out her chaotic, evil personality. She will put her weapons away first and use her; fist's, nails and even her teeth to rip through the flesh of her target. She can choose when she uses it although she can sometimes accidentally activate it if she get too angry. When her blood rage is active her eye's go red and her teeth appear sharper than normal. However she does have control in some sense being able to stop herself from attacking her team members and those she respects.
Blood Rage:
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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:30 pm

Not convinced the hidden section in her history is needed, but I can live with it. +1


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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria   Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Seras Victoria   

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Seras Victoria
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