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 Callisto Edrene

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PostSubject: Callisto Edrene   Sun Dec 29, 2013 4:54 pm


Name: Callisto Edrene

Age: 17, to be Eighteen on the fifteenth day of the seventh month.

Gender: Female

Stained Flower:

Occupation: Student

Appearance: A blooming teenager, with a wistful look on her face. Sad and longing yellow eyes as if not focusing on what is going on around her. Seemingly innocent and pure, yet she stands at 5’10 and weighs what seems to be normal, if not less than what would be normal for a girl her size. There are scars on her body. Whether they are from training or not is unknown. Her hair is what stands out from the rest though, long black, thin strands that go at about her knee.

Tarnished Soul:
Giving up hope:

A fairly common life it seemed. She attended school and trained her weapon along with everyone else though there were little areas she seemed to excel in, often staying among the middle of the ranks. It wasn’t until her parents began to quarrel that this changed. At first, she would study more to tune them out and this helped her be a better student and then when studying couldn’t help, she’d simply leave. It wasn’t often that they checked up on her anyway. This solitude, this separation and this conflict helped raise her strength and slowly, but surely, it wasn’t only her family which she pushed away.

She became the lone wolf, except a wolf which didn’t hunger for prey; it merely walked on its own and held it’s savagery in. Maybe that was why they moved away from her, she was a ticking time bomb. Maybe it was her actions or lack thereof that had done this. Either way, within little time, she had become better in the practice of hunting because of these factors.  

Time went on as it always did. Her parents moved apart and she grew in confidence of herself though this often left others lacking in strength when there was a comparison in results. This further drove Callisto from acquaintances as she became unable to deal with failure of others and demanding of success and logical tactic. It was at this point when Callisto realized that she’d end up alone for so much longer if she continued on like this. Old habits die hard though as Callisto starts off in Beacon, attempting to turn a new leaf yet fighting against her inner struggles as well as the actual threat of danger.

Callisto is generally distant in social situations, opting to space out or be on her own than approach a situation. While she isn’t particularly friendly willingly, she is willing to shift her personality momentarily to gain her objective, knowing that sometimes a stronger weapon than a fist is a subtle approach.

Despite her strong will toward achieving her current goal, Callisto lacks any personal goals and is easily influenced to complete a task if there is nothing on her plate. She fears amiability and often pushes it away as far as possible by instinctively repressing others verbally; this is due to being scared of making friends and having to work for relationships, something she isn’t comfortable with.

Generally when in combat, she can be very snarky and sarcastic toward both enemies and allies should they mess up though she does this more teasingly and is even slightly likeable when in combat. When something is done right though, Callisto isn’t afraid of showing her emotions and appreciation though from what she’s experienced, this doesn’t happen very often.

Strength: Working alone, Logic, Strategy, Combat

Weakness: Actual friendship, Benevolence, Easily persuaded to doing both good and bad objectives without decent leadership, Working with others, Waiting

Semblance:  Emphatic Connection:

One or more subjects can be connected empathically (emotionally) to another chosen target. In combat, this can be used to hinder other enemies as one is being attacked so that a strike on an enemy, while it does not physically hurt anyone other than the target, hinders everyone else connected emphatically by letting them feel the pain of her strikes as well as anyone else’s for as long as the connection is made.

This connection doesn’t work both ways though so if subject 2 is hurt, it won’t affect subject 1 while opposite is true.

It can be used outside of combat to help others feel the same emotion as someone else.


Name: Mine Displacer, Solid Reinforcement Modification

Primary Form:
Solid Reinforcer Modification:
This is usually equipment used on armour to make it stronger and more durable. It has been modified many times over to become a weapon. At first glance, it looks like a small black crown that holds Calisto’s hair in place but actually, it reinforce her hair to be about as solid and strong as a shield while the thinness of her hair makes every strand about as sharp as a blade. This makes for a bizarre but inconspicuous use of a weapon as well as a fighting style beyond the norm.

Additionally, the reinforcer has had modifications to allow for control over the strands based on small and subtle movements and their placement, making for a controlled weapon as well as a perfect hairstyle.

Secondary Form:
Mine Displacer:
Behind the small crown-like Solid Reinforcer, is a mine displacer that commonly is used as a defense mechanism which shoots out mines in a 360 degree area. It has been modified and linked to Callisto’s soul to shoot out mines when necessary. The change isn’t radical though; the crown merely thickens for a few seconds and opens up to display 8 holes all around it that shoot out mines around her. Alternatively, the amount of mines shot out can be controlled and the direction and height as well though these, to a lesser degree.

Two different weapons never meant to be used in this manner and much less by a teenager. It was crafted from the man who helped in the invention of both weapon/tools as a gift, her uncle. It took much detail and effort but ultimately, it was the perfect weapon for such a careless fighting style and such a tactical mind, he came to find.

Once it has been used, Callisto plans to destroy it. No one may ever use the weapon as it is hers and hers only, something custom-made, something to die with her in a battlefield.

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Callisto Edrene
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