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 Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing]

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Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing] Empty
PostSubject: Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing]   Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2013 11:21 am

Mount Throb, a 23,000ft (Approx. 7,200m) mountain located in northern Remnant. The mountain has only a few patches of dense trees, so it is absolutely perfect for skiing. Over the years, it was developed and built on until almost every inch of it was part of a now massive ski resort. The resort had one massive hotel, seventeen lodges located at different points around the mountain, eleven terrain parks of various difficulties, and countless chairlifts to carry skiiers and snowboarders all over the mountain. Many trails are beautifully groomed and many more moguls, glades, and more difficult trails. Overall, the resort was beautiful, a skiier/snowboarder's dream. Better yet, the resort offered everything there at 80% off for students of Signal, Beacon, or any of the other monster-fighting schools.

Yin walked up to the front desk ad checked in, his room being on the fourth floor, along with the other student rooms. They knew that some of the students could be rowdy, so they kept them all on one floor to minimize the damage. The hotel was amazing, having a gym, an all-you-can-eat buffet for both breakfast and dinner, a swimming pool, two hot tubs, a spa, and even a movie theater open for late night showings. Yin decided to grab some breakfast before he went up to his room, leaving his bags and skiing equipment for the bell-hop to take up to his room. It was still early, and he hadn't planned on arriving so soon. He filled his plate with french toast, eggs, and a pancake, turning around to find a small table to sit at. Wow, still pretty empty. School was out for the holidays, so he figured more students would be showing up throughout the day.
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Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing]   Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing] Icon_minitimeSat Dec 28, 2013 12:47 pm


The sound echoed throughout the main lobby drawing attention to a young lad with dark skin and spiky hair. If Hyd Draa wasn’t already a big sore thumb his excessively loud sneezing did not make him any more inconspicuous. His bronze eyes focused on the desk clerk as he walked in with an overly serious glare. She must have compared him with a shark or something because she seemed oddly nervous as the boy came walking toward her. It wasn’t his fault he was still recoiling from the burning in his sinuses. He checked in – not without a few startling sneezes – and walked toward his room.

Hyd being the smart person he is decided to take a swim right before coming all the way out onto this ski resort. Of course he did not waste time drying off because enough time was used up during his swim. Moreover he had not figured he would need extra clothes so he came in his wet clothes. However when dry the fabric was usually quite warm. Now he was suffering for his bad decisions as a cold seemed interested in striking him for his insolence. He had bad luck like that. Hyd got to his room and dropped off his bag. All the bag contained was a tremendous ball of underwear as that was all he figured he needed. He didn’t even bother taking too much note of his room as that wasn’t what he came all the way here for. Mainly because he didn’t want to go back home for the holidays but also for training.

All of his life he had been swimming. In sea water, in pool water in lake water and even in dirty urban fountain water he had swam. But he could not be satisfied with that anymore; he had to push the envelope. Therefore he came all the way to this cold territory to test his swimming ability in the coldest waters around. Surely he will build his endurance and become the greatest semi-aquatic hunter in the world! With an honest purpose like that who could disagree with him? But first food. He walked back down the halls until he found a breakfast spread available for himself to dig in.
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Mount Throb Ski Resort [Open, Ongoing]
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