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 Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto

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PostSubject: Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto   Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 2:38 am


Name: Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Inigo’s personal insignia worn on the backhands of his Pesado Muito and on the sides of his Schiebenfaust Mk. IV. The symbol is actually the Steinmetz crest, but with Inigo’s colors.

The symbol of the Grevista, the warriors of Cristo Vea. The yellow and green are a tribute to the first Grandmast Grevista, The Legendary Gordo, while the center color varies from Grevista to Grevista.  Inigo has this symbol printed on the back of his undershirts and his street-wear jacket.

Appearance & Physical Attributes:
Height: 5"10'/178cm
Weight: 151lbs/68.5kg
Build: Not bulky, but toned.
Color Scheme: Indigo, orange, and green.
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Face Shape: Heart-shaped
Blood Type: B+

Inigo’s Attire …
Street-Wear: See: Avatar picture. Worn whenever not riding.

Riding Wear: When riding his motorcycle, “Shiloh”, Inigo wears a blue leather jacket, orange undershirt, jeans, and sneakers. His weapons are hidden under white cloth wraps and around his wrists and ankles. He also sports orange lens sunglasses when riding.

Motorcycle “Shiloh”…
His motorcycle, “Shiloh” was created by Rudolf Steinmetz (see: History). Shiloh looks like a Kawasaki W650 with an aftermarket Corbin seat, but with an indigo colored tank and orange trim instead of the factory Kawasaki Green. Its engine, based around the same micro-piston technology used in Inigo’s weapons and is powered by FIRE type dust. “Shiloh” also features an Overdrive Mode, wherein the rider can cause the bike to “jump” 15 feet into the air. This requires one medium-grade FIRE  dust cartridge. “Shiloh” can hold 4 spare cartridges.

Personality: Inigo’s nickname, Jogo, means 'play'. He fights best when he's having fun. He is also very adventurous by nature, which can sometimes get him and those around him in the way of trouble. He does not enjoy the act of killing or hurting an opponent needlessly and would need to have his life threatened in order to retaliate with deadly force.

He generally makes friends with the citizens of Vale just by walking around and exploring. He's always discovering new hidden treasures. Inigo loves having guests over at the Steinmetz estate for dinner where he can showcase his exotic cooking skills, especially when he's not paying for the ingredients.

History: Inigo was born in a small village in the tropics known as Cristo Vea famed for producing talented warriors, the Grevista.

At the age of 5, he was chosen to become a Grevista.

At the age of 13, in Cristo Vea, Grevista initiates are given a trial and rite of passage where they receive their Grevista name upon successful completion. Inigo was given the name "Jogo", meaning 'play' due to his nature and the fact that he was smiling throughout his fight with the village elder (his father).

Three years later, when investigating a nearby ruin he stumbles upon an old man and his retinue struggling with a Grimm creature. Inigo then proceeds to take down the monster in a matter of  seconds. After the encounter the old man became intrigued by Inigo’s strange footwear which he had used to defeat the monster. As it turned out, the old man was Rudolf Steinmetz, a renowned inventor from The Kingdom of Vale who was looking for a rare material for his latest inventions. The material Rudolf was searching for, turned out to be none other than the Grimm plate used in the Criso Vea warrior's weaponry, and, of course, Inigo’s Pesado Muito. After meeting the village elder and expressing his gratitude (and the ensuing feast to welcome guests), Rudolf inquired about the materials used in Inigo’s primitive Pesado Muito. As he’d expected, they were made from the same material he originally began his expedition in search of. The village elder traded Grimm plates in exchange for some of Rudolf’s own inventions. Inspired and grateful for saving his life, Rudolf invited 16-year-old Inigo to journey back to his workshop in The Kingdom of Vale, so he could improve his Pesado Muito. On their 17th birthday, Grevista are given a choice of either going on a pilgrimage or becoming the next in line to become the village elder. Inigo, being the adventurous type, coupled with the fact that there were two other Grevista in his generation, chose the former, and made his way to Vale. Upon the road overlooking Vale, he was entranced by the spectacle of such a city; buildings so tall that they kissed the clouds, so many people that from the distance, the streets looked as though it were a flowing river. Inigo fell in love with the city and decided to stay.

After a year in Vale; learning the ways of this modern city and improving his technique, Inigo decided to enroll at Beacon.
Grevista: The Grevista, are the elite warriors of Cristo Vea. Historically, only one child is chosen every generation to become Grevista, however, Inigo is one of three in the current generation. On their 5th birthday, every child is examined by the current village elder (a Grandmaster Grevista) to determine their potential as a warrior. If a child is selected to become a Grevista, they undergo training for the next 7 years, learning and mastering the ways and techniques of the Grevista. At the age of 13, Grevista initiates must fight the village elder. If they prove themselves worthy, they become full-fledged Grevista. On their 17th birthday, Grevista are given the choice of either going on a pilgrimage or becoming a candidate to become the village elder.  


+Acrobatic and in peak physical condition (Strength, agility, stamina, and endurance)
+Specializes in fighting multiple opponents and foes susceptible to blunt/force damage.
+Excellent reflexes

+Good at cooking
+Adept motorcycle rider
+Musically inclined (Inigo's fighting style is heavily rooted in music)

-Unable to swim
-No actual body armor beyond clothes
-Not used to fighting large and/or huge creatures of Grimm
-Primarily a close-ranged fighter with only one mid-ranged attack that doesn't work mid-air(?)
-4/10 on the 'Aura' power scale
-Low resistance to magical/dust-based attacks (must use weapons to block/parry)

-Bored easily
-Terrible handwriting and drawing ability


Combat Style: The creatures of Grimm in the warmer seaside regions where Inigo hails from are significantly different from those seen in The Kingdom of Vale; they are generally smaller in stature, quicker, and often sport hard shell body casings. Because of this, the people of Cristo Vea developed a fighting style suited to combat these types of foes. This fighting style involves constant movement and frequent feints. To combat the thick shells, the fighting style had to utilize blunt force rather than slashing or piercing. The end-result of Inigo's fighting style is a hybrid of Capoeira (80%) and Kickboxing(20%) [out of universe].

Grimm from Cristo Vea. (Name pending)

Aura Use and Grevista: The people of Cristo Vea are not known for powerful Aura, as most are born with a low capacity for it. However, it is still used in an integral part of their fighting style. The type of attacks used by the warriors of Cristo Vea, known as Grevista, put immense strain on the human body. The strain received from a medium-powered kick by a Grevista against a solid target would pulverize a normal human's femur (it takes 1700 PSI/11721 kPA to break a human femur). While Grevista are naturally able to withstand greater levels of strain on the body, it's not easy to use such powerful strikes continually. To assuage this, the Grevista learned to utilize their aura in such a way as to reduce the shock of their powerful strikes by producing an opposite force from specific muscle groups outwards, immediately prior to impact; essentially creating a buffer zone. This technique effectively cuts the strain on the body in half.

For those that are unfamiliar with Capoeira...

Name: "Pesado Muito" (Heavy Heel) and "Schiebenfaust Mk. IV” (Push Fist)

Appearance: The Pesado Muito and "Schiebenfaust Mk. IV

Pesado Muito...
-The left Heavy Heel is green, the right, orange. The color of the flashes visible when the device is activated is a bright, but deep indigo hue.
-The Pesado Muito can be powered by either FIRE, WIND, or ENERGY dust.
-The dust slots used for regular activation and those used for “Jumping” are different slots, entirely.
-Each foot of the Heavy Heel weighs 7kg (15lbs). Inigo is often seen wearing them while training.
-Can only be used by a Grevista or someone trained in a similar fashion.

Primary Form: Footwear made from Grimm Plate, built with hundreds of dust-powered micropistons that can quickly produce bursts of propulsion to accelerate the force of the user's strikes. These bursts produce a bright, but deep, indigo colored flash whenever used. This visible flash is the result of the energy being released with each strike. When activated, the Pesado Muito encases Inigo’s feet (whether he’s wearing footwear or not) and extends upwards protecting his shins and calves. Inigo’s personal insignia is visible on the shins. When inactive, the Pesado Muito appears as a pair of simple ankle braces which is often hidden under cloth wraps.

Secondary Form/Function: When refined dust cartridges of either the WIND or FIRE type are loaded into the appropriate slots on the outer sides of the Heavy Heel, the wearer can attain lift/combustion propulsion depending on the element type for a max height of 40ft/60ft, respectively. Coupled with the Shibenfaust Mk. IV the wearer can attain a moderate level of controlled directional glide after the initial 'jump'*. The WIND dust jump is easier to control than the FIRE dust jump, but the FIRE dust jump has a significantly quicker launch speed and total velocity.  

History: The warriors of Cristo Vea actually used a primitive version of the ones worn by Inigo, but used hollowed tubes of Grimm plate with raw dust. Inigo’s Pesado Muito is an invention created by Rudolf Steinmetz. Steinmetz's innovation improves dust efficiency, reduces shock on the wearer's limbs, and, increases the overall power of the wearer's attacks. This allows Inigo to produce kicks as powerful as The Legendary Gordo without being a Grandmaster Grevista.

The original Pesado Muito was created after the first Grevista Grandmaster, Gordo discovered how to utilize his aura in combat. It is the purest form of an extension of the warrior. Each Grevista's Pesado Muito is calibrated differently to match the Grevista's physical ability; only creating attacks their abilities and body can handle. Historically, The Legendary Gordo's Pesado Muito could produce kicks powerful enough to create tsunamis. Gordo's colors were yellow and green, which is reflected in the crest of the Grevista to this day.

Schiebenfaust Mk. IV...
-The left Push Fist is Orange, the right, green. The color of the flashes visible when the device is activated is a bright, but deep indigo hue.
-The Schiebenfaust Mk. IV can be powered by either FIRE, WIND, or ENERGY dust.
-The dust slots used for regular activation and those used for “Clapping” are different slots, entirely.
-Each hand of the Push Fist weighs 5kg (11lb).

Primary Form: Also known as the Push Fist, the Schiebenfaust Mk. IV is a complementary piece of equipment to the Heavy Heel. It's basic functions and mechanics are similar to the Heavy Heel, but, can be used to double the force of an already boosted strike by activating the 'push' in the opposite direction of the blow (imagine centrifugal force, where the torso is the pivot point). The dust-powered micropistons on the Push Fist are located on the palms and forearms of the device. Inigo’s fighting style, surprisingly, rarely calls for straight punches, so most of the focus of the weapon is on swatting or sweeping movements. When activated, the Schiebenfaust Mk. IV extends encasing Inigo’s forearms and hands. His personal insignia is visible on the backs of the Push Fist’shands.

Secondary Form/Function: By loading in an ENERGY dust-type cartridge into the appropriate slots, when the two hands are 'clapped' together, they can produce a shock-wave cone directly in front of the user that can stun within a 10-foot wide spread.

History: The Schiebenfaust Mk. IV is the 4th in the line of Sciebenfausts. The first three resulted in failure after being fitted for FIRE (it blew up in Inigo’s face), ICE (Inigo’s hands froze together), and WIND (Inigo sucked himself into a mini tornado). Surprisingly, ENERGY did not cause Inigo to zap himself. By being grounded, he can avoid shocking himself. Use in mid-air not yet tested. Cartridges of the other types used in the previous models can still be used in the Mk. IV, but the resulting effects are likely to be similar to those in the earlier models.

Limits: Refined dust cartridges are expensive to make and only made by Rudolf, and Inigo is not a rich man. Therefore, he only carries, at most, 3 sets of the types used in his weapons. He is also very hesitant to use them for this reason. The medium-grade dust cartridges for his "Shiloh", however, are significantly cheaper to make, but he still only rides with a total of 5 at a time.

*Think, Zero Suit Samus' rocket boots and the Iron Man suit's glove/gauntlet, but no lasers [out of universe].[/color]

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PostSubject: Re: Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto   Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 3:26 am

Everything looks great about your character! However, your weapons allows for sustained flight and we generally try to disallow that, because flight is a very powerful ability, and being able to sustain it makes it more so. You do have a system in place to restrict its use, in the form of Refined Dust Cartridges. I want to hear your input on this matter before I approve you. You mention that you try to avoid using the Dust due to only being able to have a very limited amount. I think one additional restriction should be that the sustained flight is very difficult to control due to its nature of how it is working. And it shouldn't last very long.

Let me know what your thoughts on the amtter are. My suggestions are suggestions, I am not forcing you to take an option. If you have other ideas, let's hear them!

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PostSubject: Re: Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto   Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto Icon_minitimeSat Sep 14, 2013 3:57 am

We discussed this in the Chatbox.

[01:29:56] Nitzlplix : I agree with the sustained flight thing. I think I should word it differently

[01:30:06] Nitzlplix : More like a glide?

[01:30:14] @ Kooplah : Edit away and let me know when you are finished. Gliding is acceptable.

[01:30:50] @ Kooplah : And large jumps/landings are generally okay. Flying through the air with control over your trajectory is the difficult part to have.
Character was edited. Approved!

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PostSubject: Re: Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto   Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto Icon_minitime

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Inigo "Jogo" Jacinto
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